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Monday, June 19, 2023

From one graveyard to the next

Sunday morning, we hung around the graveyard for a while. It was such a nice peaceful spot. A local farmer walked by with his dog and was tending to a herd of cows across the road. Ruth went out and spoke to him, and he apologized if his cows bothered us in the night!

Really nice guy, and we had a good chat with him. Everybody we meet here in Ireland is so cheerful.

We had showers, and then stopped in a village just down the road where there is a free motorhome dump and fill station. They aren't very common here in Ireland, so we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the opportunity.

Next stop was north of Shannon in the village of Newmarket on Fergus. There, is a service station that also has LPG (propane) available, so we filled Max's empty tank. A little pricey, at €1.10 ($1.59 CAD) per liter ($4.50 USD per gallon) but there aren't many opportunities to do this very often either, so we bit the bullet.

At the same service center is one of those overpriced Revolution laundry machines. We hummed and hawed about doing it while we were there. We're often accused of being too cheap for our own good, and sometimes I'll admit that's the case. So we decided to hang out there and do our laundry. 

We did the bedding and everything in a big 18kg machine for €11. Yikes. Then, when it was ready to be dried, somebody was already using the dryer (there is only one) and we had to wait. We went back twenty minutes later and someone else had put a load in! Because it had been drizzling with rain, people were doing their washing at home, then coming here to use the dryer. 

It was almost 4:00pm by the time we finished up there and we really hadn't done anything all day!

I found us another local graveyard to park for the night.

Yesterday's drive, 60 kms (37 miles).

It had a nice view of a small pond.
And it looked like another thunderstorm was moving in, but it never did.

Zoomed in on the swans in the pond.

They were pretty far away.


We were joined by another motorhome, this one from Northern Ireland.

Photo taken at 6:50am this morning with a beautiful blue sky!

Had a peaceful night, but we got up and drove right away to beat any possible traffic on the narrow entrance road.

Headed for the Cliffs of Moher this morning!


And in Canada...

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