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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Cliffs of Moher, part 2

Up and on the road early again, and we drove right away into the touristy town of Doolin. Every second building is a bed and breakfast or hotel or guesthouse. 

Doolin is the starting point if you want to walk to the Cliffs of Moher from the north heading south. It's also where the ferries set off from if you want to visit the Aran Islands.

And, there is very little space available for motorhomes in Doolin, unless you want to pay to stay at the local campground for €35 ($50 CAD, $38 USD) per night, which of course we do not.

The road to Doolin at 7:00am.

Sure enough, we found ourselves a good free spot which probably would have been taken by 9:00am. Had some breakfast, then set out walking at 10:30am. 

Heading south towards the Cliffs of Moher.

It's a longer walk from Doolin to the visitors center than the one we did on Monday. Round trip, it's 16 kms (10 miles), so we expected to be back by 2:30 or so. But, we had to keep our eyes on the skies because once again they were calling for thunderstorms starting by 1:00pm.

Looking back at Doolin Pier where the ferries leave for the Aran Islands.

We met a girl from Italy and hiked with her for a while.


We wished we had a kayak so we could get into this sea cave!

Ruth with our Italian friend.
Can't remember how to spell her name!


Looking back at the way we came.

Arriving at the cliffs.

Look down!

The visitors center and the hordes of people.

We didn't do the last kilometer or so to the visitors center. Too many people, and the views wouldn't have been any better.

Ruth has been keeping her eyes open for puffins, but we hadn't seen one yet.

Zoomed in, these are Common guillemots, from a distance they sure look like penguins!

Zoomed in some more.

Heading back towards Doolin.

Where we sat and had a snack.

So we're sitting there, looking at the cliffs below, and Ruth is using the binoculars, and then asks for the camera. 

She spotted some puffins!

They were really far away, so this is the best we could do for a photo.

Cool rock formations with another sea cave.

It's looking pretty dark over there.

But it still never rained on us.

Back at Max just before 2:30pm and we had a late lunch and got the heck out of what was now a busy little town. I found a great overnight spot up on the limestone plateaus, called the Burren overlooking Galway Bay.

Heading towards our overnight spot.

Galway Bay.

The Azamara Pursuit cruise ship passed by.

Nice view from our overnight spot!

Max, parked at GPS 53.081598, -9.318132

Sunset view from Max's side window at 10:08pm

Joined by one other motorhome from France.

Not sure where we'll end up tonight. It turns out that there are some caves about 2.5 kms walk from where we are parked, so we think we'll go for a short walk up there and see what there is to see, and decide when we get back.

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And in Canada...

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