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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Boy, did we ever get dumped on!

Well, we managed to do 90 kms (54 miles) worth of driving yesterday, but it still feels like we didn't get very far. 

We started off heading to the beach town of Ballybunion where there are some colorful cliffs and sea caves that we wanted to see. We didn't check the tide schedule beforehand, and simply got lucky... the tide was all the way out!

Managed to find some parking only a half a kilometer from the beach, and set off to do some exploring...

Ballybunion Beach.

Not much left of the old castle.

Loved exploring the cliffs and caves!

Very colorful rock.


From the inside looking out.

The cliff face.

Three caves.

Ruth inside.

Interesting coastline.

We got our feet wet.

Quite a few people playing in the water.
Too cold for me!

We headed up to look at the castle.

As I said, there's not much left of it.

We overheard a guy with binoculars say that there were a couple of dolphins playing in the sea, so we went to the railing on the other side of the castle and got out the camera with the zoom lens.

They were pretty far away,

The zoom on this camera always amazes me!

It's a beautiful beach.

As you can see from the photos above, the weather was nice enough. But we had been watching the forecast and we new there were afternoon storms predicted all up and down the west coast of Ireland. We got back to Max and had some lunch, then headed to the town of Listowel. 

Headed towards the storm.

We drove right into the storm, and boy did we ever get dumped on for about ten minutes. The type where your windshield wipers are on fast, but that's not fast enough. Heard a few hailstones hitting Max as well. A few people pulled off to the side where they could, but of course there isn't much side to pull off on Irish secondary roads!

And then it was over, just as fast as it began. It was like someone just poured a bucket of water from the sky.

Found a parking spot in Listowel, and walked to the nearby Lidl to pick up a few groceries, dropped them off at Max, and then into town for a wander around.

Love the colorful pubs!

I think everyone named Kevin should get a free beer here.

Downtown Listowel.

The Listowel Hotel.

We had to make a decision about the local ferry that goes across the Shannon Estuary. It's fairly expensive for a motorhome, at €29 ($42 CAD, $32 USD) no matter what size your motorhome is. Max doesn't get any discount for being short. But the drive around route would add about 75 kms.

We decided to drive around for two reasons... there is a free motorhome dump and fill station along the route, as well as a place further around to get LPG (propane). Plus, the drive around route is slightly cheaper.

We got a little more rain.

Entrance to a fancy home?

Scenery along the way.

Using Google Satellite View, Ruth had found us what looked like a great overnight spot at a little rural cemetery. The road in was very narrow, but we took a chance. Worst case scenario, I would have to back out.

Heading to the cemetery.

Yep, this will do for a night!
Max, parked at GPS 52.596662, -9.076887

Yesterday's drive.

Rainbow in the distance.

Robertstown Graveyard.

Pretty peaceful spot for an overnight!

We had spoken to our son Alex a few days ago, and we were talking about baseball. He has season tickets to the Toronto Blue Jays. I mentioned how one of the things I miss due to our current lifestyle is watching baseball. He says "Dad, I can give my passcode for MLB TV, and you can watch it online".

No idea why I never thought about buying my own subscription. I guess because we normally don't have unlimited cellular data, but here in Ireland we do!

Watching the Blue Jays lose to the Texas Rangers last night!

They lost, but I totally enjoyed watching the game. I have to adapt due to the time change, so evening games will take place too late here, but weekend afternoon games will show in the evening here. I can definitely see more Blue Jays games on the agenda!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


And in Canada...

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