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Thursday, July 21, 2022

We were well prepared for the "expert" part of the trail.

I know I sound like a broken record, but Norway is such a gorgeous country. And so many fantastic hiking opportunities. Yesterday we were back on the trails again.

This time, we drove to the small town of Ana Sira and found nice day use parking at their small marina. I had read that the parking lot nearer to the hiking trail gets really busy and it was a beautiful day so we just decided to walk right from the marina.

We ended up being gone for almost four and a half hours and we did 12.5 kms (7.8 miles).

View from where Max was parked.

Ana Sira is a nice little town.

You can see Max parked at the lower left.

We are headed towards the sea.

These places are only accessible by boat.

Ruth taking in the view.

Scenery along the way.

We made it to the Brufjell Viewpoint.

Looking inland... lots of rock!

The trails are well marked.

And they are marked according to difficulty.
Green, blue, red and black. Black is rated "expert".

And at the start of the Black trail, there are warning signs about having the right equipment and experience. And of course, telling you that it's at your own risk. I always get a kick out of those kinds of signs. As if it would be at somebody else's risk!?

The area is fairly popular and it was a beautiful day so there were quite a few people out. Ruth and I do a lot of hiking and were well prepared for the "expert" part of the trail. We have good quality boots with a lot of grip, and even had gloves for our hands so that it's easier on the rocky sections where you have to hold onto cables and chains.

Some other people... not so much!

People coming down behind us.

This woman in the white was just about dying.

I mean, give her credit for doing it, but she was not even close to being "expert". She was huffing and puffing so much going down, I don't know how she'll make it back up! 

We are headed down there.

Looking back at the people making their way both up and down.

Our timing was just not very good. It turned out that while there was a lot of traffic while we were going down, it was a temporary problem. Had we waited twenty minutes it would have been much better.

Scenery along the way.

There is a series of small caves along here.

This one is a popular photo spot.

Having some fun.

I've got no legs!

They say the sea used to come all the way up here.

Heading back up.

Coastal scenery.

There is a small beach down there.

Zoomed in looking down.

Sandvika Beach. 
But there is no sand... only rocks.

The pretty village of Stornes.

We were beat by the time we got back to Max. It was our warmest day yet, with a high of 28C (82F).

But that was the peak, and it's supposed to be cooler with highs of between 18C to 22C (64F to 72F) for the last five days of our time in Norway.


And in Canada...


  1. Breathe Taking Scenery. Doing those trails and the high cost of food would equal a Diet.
    Those are the people that normally have to be rescued off of trails. Good thing you were well prepared.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the comfortable weather.

    It's about time.

    1. The scenery is definitely stunning, no matter where you look! The high cost of food hasn't really changed the way we eat, we are pretty much eating the same way we did before coming to Noway. We don't eat prepared foods, sugary foods or the like, we buy good wholesome food that I prepare myself. We are just a little more picky about what foods we buy., like other than buying a bit of ground beef, we don't buy any other beef products, the veggies we buy are mostly what we buy anywhere else, they are just a bit more expensive and we have basically been sticking to apples and grapes for fruit because almost everything else is too pricey for us. It's a good thing that we haven't changed the amount or way we eat because we would be losing too much weight with all the hiking and biking we do and neither of us need that to happen.

      You are correct they are the normally the ones needing some help along the trail or to be rescued, we always try to not be those people. :-)

  2. Seeing the pictures of the sea caves so high above the water reminded me of something from my geology courses. Norway is still rebounding from the last ice age, in many places you will see old boathouses that are well above the waterline as the whole country is rising.

    1. That is very interesting, we will have to see if we notice some boathouses that are higher up but this definitely explains why the potholes "caves" are higher than sea level.

  3. Another fabulous hike and great weather. At the end of your Norway adventure wil lyou give us the total number of Kms walked for the trip . Have fun,enjoy . Cheers

    1. It was a great hike and we are loving this weather, too bad it isn't going to stick around until the end of our visit here in Norway. Rain is in the forecast for the last few days of our time here.

      We have not been keeping a grand tally of the kilometres walked/hiked during our time here in Norway and we aren't about to go back and add them all up, plus some days we just didn't keep track of them.


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