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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Change of plans

The weather where we are currently is horrible. And the forecast for the next two weeks in this area is more of the same... horrible.

For example, the high yesterday was 10C (50F) with wind and pretty steady rain. We could handle the temperature... but along with the steady rain? Nope. It's not nice.

We checked the forecast for the south of Norway and it's much better. Only slightly better by Bergen, but even better at Stavanger and quite a lot better by Kristiansand which is where our ferry departs from on July 26th. 

There is still a lot to see and do south of Bergen, so we're going to head there fairly quickly over the next day or two. And if we happen to arrive in Kristiansand well ahead of our July 26th departure then we'll just continue a bit around the southeastern part of Norway. 

We feel bad for the people who are on a cruise ship holiday for a week or ten days and stuck with this weather. At least our house has wheels.

Yesterday morning it looked like there was a break in the rain so we put on our raincoats and hats and hiked up to a viewpoint above the town of Selje.

Heading uphill.

Getting some exercise.

We got to the viewpoint and it started raining again.

We waited until it stopped and our patience was rewarded with a nice photo.

We set off to a secondary viewpoint but the trail was really wet and muddy so we ended up turning around and headed back down.

Scenery along the way.

These people have a nice view.

Back in town we stopped at the tourist info that is located in this old house built in 1866.

They called it a farmhouse, but it was more of an inn. The local priest lived here and accepted pilgrims to stay overnight.

It is like a museum inside.

We had some lunch and then drove on to the village of Flatraket where we found a nice little overnight spot by a fishing harbor.

Here are a few photos from the drive...

The skies are a little dark!

Max, parked at GPS 61.978024, 5.234214

The harbor at Flatraket.

By 8:30pm,the rain stopped.

And by 10:30pm, the sun tried to come out.

But we woke up to steady rain, and it's been raining all morning. 

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  1. We haven't had rain all winter, spring and now summer :-( . Blow some of that rain to Arizona.

    1. If we could, trust us we would send it your way!


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