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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Heading for Bergen

The weather forecast for the next two weeks was terrible, so we decided to flee to the south of Norway where it looks much better. We're heading for the city of Bergen first (to possibly purchase two new laptops) and then further south to Stavanger. There, we should find better weather.

When we left Flatraket, our first stop was Maloy. There, we had to wait for a ferry to take us to Oldeide. 

It poured with rain the whole time.

In Maloy, the cruise ship Oceania Marina was in port.

Waiting for the ferry.
You have to feel bad for the cruise ship people stuck with weather like this for the rest of their trip.

Our ferry has arrived.

It was a 25 minute crossing so we went inside to have a better view.


But with the weather as it was, there wasn't much to see!

We think when it rains this much, Norway has twice as many waterfalls!

Waterfalls everywhere.

Once we got off the ferry, the road is really narrow.
Yet this is a fairly major route with two way traffic.

Ruth took a video for you...

Look up!

A dreary day.

A remote farm.

Water everywhere.

Scenery along the way.

More water.

Lots of water!

A little bit of road repair.
Generally, the roads are in really good condition.

The rain sure makes everything green.

We arrived in the little village of Vadheim and found somewhere to park for the night. These two photos were taken early this morning. It's not raining, but there's no sunshine either.

Max, parked at GPS 61.208385, 5.823912

The view out our side window.

Yesterday's drive.
It took us about three and a half hours to do 173 kms (107 miles). 
You can't get anywhere fast in Norway.

And we have a little less than that to drive this morning to make it to Bergen. But there, they are saying the sun is shining! At least for today. Which is kind of odd because Bergen is well known to be a wet city with 300 days per year with at least some precipitation.

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  1. Sunshine is just around the corner. Hope you find suit able laptops. I'm replacing mine after get to Helsinki on the weekend.

    1. It would be nice to see that happen. We did get a short break yesterday afternoon for our short visit of Bergen but the rain is back again,

      We are going to check out the computers this morning and are pretty sure that we will be buying two of them. Good luck with searching out one in Helsinki. If you do buy one, remember to ask them for the form to get the tax back although I don't know how it works there. Here in Norway you have to buy it within a month of leaving the country. We did it once back in 2017 with a cell phone that Kevin bought in Spain and it worked out just the way was supposed too. The tax can end up making a big difference.

  2. Are you keeping a record of how many kms you are walking in Norway?

    1. No, we are not! We tried doing that once and it quickly went by the wayside because we would forget to mark it down each and every time we were out hiking or wandering around the towns and cities.

  3. One of my favorite travel bloggers is from Stavanger - Gard Karlsen posts travelogues of the trips he takes along with his South African wife Nikki. I've been following him for more than 15 years and even tough he's not as prolific as you guys since they don't travel full time it still makes for quite entertaining reading. They've travelled to many of the places you guys have been to and some others that I'm sure will give you the urge to visit - you can check his blog at

    1. Thanks for passing along Gard's and Niki's travel blog. It certainly does look like they have been to many places. We may even try to send them a message to see if they might like to meet up in Stavanger.


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