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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Not much sun, but Max's batteries are doing fine.

Yesterday was a work day.... Prime Day is probably the busiest day of the year for us with our Amazon group on Facebook.  So we found a decent parking spot for Max with a strong cell signal and spent a lot of time on our laptops!

We are parked beside a nice walking trail that goes around a small pond, so we did take time off to go and get some exercise...

It wasn't a bad day, but not nearly as nice as the day before. Mostly cloudy, and a high of about 18C (64F).

It's 2.5 kms once around the pond, so we did two laps and got in our 5 km (3 mile) power walk. 

Not many photos, so we took an "ussie" for you.
It's not a selfie, because there's two of us. So it's an ussie!

Spending most of the day on the laptops uses quite a bit of power, but Max's batteries and solar seem to keep up just fine even when it's not very sunny. We don't use anything else for power. No need for the furnace or the lights because it is light so late in the evening.

The only time we had problems with the batteries getting low was in Turkiye when it was cold outside and we weren't getting much sun, and we needed both the furnace and the lights. In fact, I think that was the last time we plugged in to electricity! So, overall very happy with the way Max is working out. We just need to stay away from the freezing mark temperatures when there isn't much sun to be had!

Prime Day is 48 hours long, so we are back at work today.

So many record low prices... if you're looking for anything in particular, especially higher ticket items, now is the time to buy. You can check out Prime Day deals here... 

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