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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Norway trip complete!

Almost. Our ferry departs Norway at 4:30pm this afternoon so tonight we will once again be sleeping in Denmark. 

We were reflecting on our time in Norway, country number 52 for us. It's been a great trip. The only thing that could have made it better was a little more sunshine! 

Here are some photo highlights of our time here... (don't forget, you can click on any photo to make it full screen)...

Our very first campsite in Norway... free!

Looking back through the photos reminds me that we did a few days with blue sky and sunshine.

Despite the weather that day, our hike to Kjeragbolten was fantastic!

Max found some really good overnight spots!

We will remember Norway for the thousands of waterfalls!

And the many lakes and rivers.

Another great overnight spot.

Our first ever via ferrata adventure climbing Trolltunga with friends Marti and Ryan.

We made it! Now to get out on the tongue...

Unfortunately it was a bit foggy up there!

Endless fantastic scenery in Norway.

We did a lot of hiking and biking!

Hiking high above the fjords.

I'm not sure I ever told the story, so I'll tell it again. My father was an avid traveler. When he got to the age when he was slowing down and wasn't likely to do anymore traveling, I asked him what countries he had always wanted to go to, but for whatever reason he never made it. And he was pretty quick to say he was disappointed that he never got to see the fjords of Norway. 

The area is truly spectacular, and I thought of him often during this trip.

One of the oldest wooden churches in Norway.

This bike ride to a waterfall was fun.

We were lucky to have a blue sky day at scenic Geiranger.

More gorgeous hiking!

We took Max on a scenic ferry ride.

Max enjoyed many fantastic views.

Unfortunately we will also remember the cold and the rain!

We visited the city of Bergen.

And we picked a beautiful day to climb Himakana.

And we enjoyed a day in the small city of Stavanger.

I made it out onto the precarious Kolbolten Rock.

And now we are done. For now. We will return to Norway some day for sure because there is a lot more to see... we only explored one small corner of the country and it took us almost 7 weeks to do it!

But... there are more adventures coming. Stay tuned!

Decent price drop on this Heated Portable Camping Chair.

And in Canada...


  1. I really enjoyed your trip through Norway and almost feel like I was there too, thanks to your excellent blogging and photographs. I could do without the cold and so much rain, but it sure is a beautiful country. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to your next adventures!

    1. We are so happy that you enjoyed our trip around a small part of Norway, I know that we really did enjoy ourselves despite the rain and cool weather! I have to say though that we are really looking forward to seeing more sunshine and warm weather. Norway really is a gorgeous country and we look forward to returning again one day to see more of the northern part of the country. For now, we are looking forward to going back to Canada and seeing our family and friends. :-)

  2. Norway is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. It really is gorgeous and we are so glad that we finally made it here and that we had time to really explore a small part of the country. We look forward to returning again one day and seeing more of what this country has to offer. We are glad that you enjoyed our posts and pictures of our time there. :-)


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