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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Made it into the old port city of Stavanger, Norway

We waited for the rain to clear up enough to get the bicycles ready for the 7km (4.5 mile) ride into Stavanger. And we packed both the umbrellas and the rain coats because they were still calling for showers on and off.

Stavanger has a fantastic network of cycling routes. Probably the best cycling city we've seen anywhere. 

They even have a raised cycling/walking traffic circle above the traffic circle that vehicles use. Amazing.

Ruth on the upper traffic circle.

Looking down on the lower one.

Nice little pond in the middle of the city.

Ducks and swans.

And alligators... carved from wood!

Boy with ducks.

The old harbor in Stavanger.

The big cruise ship in port looks huge!
Notice also the much smaller (but still huge) private yacht.

The Slipstream

What a beautiful boat! I looked it up, and it's available for charter. You need to read about this yacht.. Actually, they call it a superyacht!

And it's available for rent... only €336,000 ($339,000 USD, $441,000) per week for you and 11 of your closest friends!

How the super rich live.

The Hotel Victoria.

Sometimes older hotels are really interesting to wander around, especially the lobby. While this one was nice enough, it was nothing special.

A floating 4,000 passenger apartment building.

This painting on the wall was really good.

Old town shops for the cruise ship tourists.

It's nicely done up though, with lots of flowers.

Ruth, enjoying the flowers.


One of the attractions in Stavanger is supposed to be the Stavanger Cathedral. It was built around the year 1100. Unfortunately it's temporarily closed for renovations.

Our view of the Stavanger Cathedral!

We walked through a park that had a slackline setup. We decided to give it a try!

Ruth is looking good so far!

Not bad!

Whoops, there she goes!

The older couple walking by were chuckling with us. They did not try it!


We walked up to the old watchman's tower.

Built between 1850-1853.

View of the old harbor.

Looking back at the tower from the other side of the harbor.

Another shot of the Slipstream.

And the back end of the floating apartment building.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

The old residential area.

The cruise ship parks right beside the old residential area.

Yep, people still live here.

You can paint your house any color you want, so long as it's white.

Some kind of art museum had some art (?) outside.

Hm. Okay.

We arrived back at the bikes, and took a different route back to Max.

This woman was feeding the ducks and a swan.

A lake in the middle of the city.

We rode by this city campground.

We really liked Stavanger. If the weather was nicer we would have stayed another day or two. If we were to compare the two, we liked Stavanger better than Bergen.

Back at Max, this nice 4 wheel drive motorhome had arrived.

Hymer 4 x 4 Cross Over.

They are really nice rigs, and it would be great to have the 4 wheel drive and extra ground clearance. But the starting price new is €105,000 which is almost twice as much as Max cost. And if you have 4 wheel drive, how much do you actually use it? Enough to justify the extra price? It's hard to say. When we had Bundy and Joyce in Australia we only used the 4 wheel drive twice in the two and a half months we were there, but it sure is nice to have just in case you need it!

We are headed further south today, but it's a bit of a maintenance day for us. We're stopping to empty, fill, and have showers, then stopping for groceries, then stopping for laundry! That, along with some driving will probably all take up most of our day.

Almost a record low deal on the top of the line hardwired Progressive Industries 50 Amp RV Surge Protector.

And in Canada...

Actually a great deal on this general use Asus 15" Laptop.


  1. Okay. If you rent that yacht for a month, I'll gather 9 more friends and meet you there. I'll chip in with the hot dogs and potato salad.

    1. Lol, I think you and your 9 friends will be waiting a good long time for the boat ride! :-P

  2. Just curious if you checked the prices in those quaint eateries?
    That floating hotel looks like it blocks the sun for the local residents!

    1. We didn't check them out here but we have at other places along the way and they are too expensive for our liking.

      We would hate to be living in those houses and have the cruise ships blocking our view and our sunshine! We wonder how many of those houses are actually vacation rental homes during the summer months?

  3. What a cute town! I would hate the cruise ship crowds, but I love the flowers and adorable buildings and homes. Pure charm. And great cycling too!

    1. It is a really sweet little city and we enjoyed our visit there. We were surprised that it really didn't feel crowded at all while we were there. The most crowded area was that very colorful street other than that you would never have known that a cruise ship was in port. We actually wondered where everyone was!

      You would love the network of cycling paths here, and they weren't just in the city itself but in the entire surrounding area. :-)


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