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Sunday, July 10, 2022

We got our invoices for the ferries we've been taking...

We woke up to a bit of blue sky Saturday morning. It didn't last... but it was nice to see for a change! Overall, the day was just okay. It still rained on and off, but at least we managed to get outside without getting soaked.

We're just meandering our way south now. No special plans until we get to Kristiansand for our ferry departure to Denmark on the 26th. 

We had been parked by a bridge between the islands so when I saw the blue sky I walked half way across the bridge to take a couple of photos.

Bridge between Selbjørn and Stolman Islands.

We drove to the village of Bekkjarvik to go for a walk and get some groceries. A little more expensive than normal, so we only bought what we needed. 

Rocky, with very few trees.

Arriving in the village of Bekkjarvik, it had just finished raining.

For some reason, the village is very popular with boaters. There are three different marinas in this village of about 600 people. Maybe it's good to arrive by boat, because there is very little parking for vehicles! The one parking lot at the grocery store was full, and we saw a sign advertising motorhome parking half a kilometer further on so we drove there. When we arrived, we found that it was another marina that also had paid overnight RV parking with electric. We didn't want to stay the night but we found a spot out of the way where we figured Max would be fine for the day. It all seemed to be on the honor system anyhow so we don't think anybody was actually checking. 

We parked and walked back to the village.

Scenery along the way.

Marina in the center of town.

Bekkjarvik Hotel.

Another marina.

We got some groceries done and headed back to Max. 

We never did get out for a decent hike, other than the walk around town and back. Again, it was raining on and off most of the day. 

Later in the afternoon we headed a little further south. This involved taking another ferry. Oh, speaking of which, I got the invoices for our recent ferry trips. They're all done electronically and there seems to be about a 48 hour delay being posted to our account.  

Here are the details for the last three ferries we've taken...

Maloy to Oldeide 128.50 kr ($16.50 CAD, $12.75 USD)

Lavik to Oppedal 112.50 kr ($14.50 CAD, $11.25 USD)

Krokeide to Hufthammar 80.50 kr (10.35 CAD, $8.00 USD).

This is all cheaper than we expected. But it definitely helps that we went through the hassle of making an account at, getting a transponder, and sending them the 3,000 kr ($386 CAD, $298 USD) deposit. 

Every time an invoice is posted to our account it is deducted from our deposit. When we leave Norway, we request a credit of the remaining balance and it is sent directly to our international bank account at Wise.

Here comes our ferry.

This is the ferry to take us from Husavik to Sandvik.

Scenery along the way.

Max had a front row spot.

We found some good overnight parking at a trailhead. This morning, the sun is trying to shine again, although not very successfully! Still, we are parked at a hiking trail, so we are going out to use it... rain or shine!

Three month free trial of Prime Audible.

And in Canada...


  1. Living on the Ottawa River, we are used to the boats being lifted for the winter. There seem to be an awful lot of boats potentially needing storage in Norway!

    1. We are sure that a good portion of boats will be stored during the winter but some of the pleasure/sailing boats may head to warmer weather also many of these boats are on the sea and the water there doesn't freeze so maybe people keep them moored, we really don't know enough about boats, especially here in Norway.


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