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Friday, July 1, 2022

Behind the waterfall

Another gorgeous day in Norway. 

So to take advantage of it, we planned a hike up to a waterfall. But this waterfall is somewhat special because you can actually walk behind the falls. It's really quite something!

The hike was not that far in distance... but it's quite a bit of altitude gain. Only 4 kms (2.4 miles) from where Max was parked, but it gains 553 meters (1,800') so it's a bit of a climb. 

We set off at about 10:30am.

If you double click on the photo to make it full screen, and then zoom in you can see the ferry that we will be taking Friday morning to the right of the cruise ship. It is tiny compared to the big cruise ship!

Geiranger church.

Yes, you could fall into the waterfall.
And only you are responsible for where you put your feet. 
Just the way it should be.

Ruth, coming up behind me.

Lots of steps!

Still climbing.

About the half way point.

We noticed quite a few people on the first section of steps up until about the half way point. Not sure how many of them checked to see what the altitude gain was, but we figure at least half of them didn't make it past the half way point. Or perhaps that's all they intended to do in the first place, who knows. There were a lot fewer people on the second half.

Looking down on Geiranger.

Wildflowers along the way.

Ruth and the view!

That is where we are headed.

That's a lot of water.

I took a video for you so that you can experience walking behind the falls as well. Turn up your volume...

Wow. That was something else. It always amazes us that the cost is totally free. But of course you have to climb up there!

Where we sat and had lunch above the falls.

Just another shot of the view.

More wildflowers.

On the way back down, we decided to take another trail that led to a different viewpoint. It would add another 2.5 kms to our day, but it was tough going! We had already done enough uphill! And it was warmer out than we are used to. But we took a few more breaks and still made it there.

C'mon up!

This viewpoint gave us a view looking up the fjord. 
Another small cruise ship is on the way in.

Looking down on the big cruise ship.

Not many people lying by the pool.
They are all in town.

This little resort community of Geirangerfjorden.

Here comes the smaller ship.

The port at Geiranger is looking pretty busy!

Me, heading back down.

Walking through the sheep.

One of them ran over to say hello!

Back in town, there was some kind of fast car club rally at the main hotel. Porsches and Audi's mostly, but this one really caught my eye...

McLaren 570S.

It was only the bottom of the line McLaren though... starting price of around $199,000 USD!

Back at Max, we did the math and figured out we had done 10.5 kms (6.5 miles). Not that bad, but we were both exhausted. A lot of climbing, and a lot of sweating!

Yesterday evening we published our June expense report. If you missed it, you can read it here.

This morning, we are up early to get on the ferry to Hellesylt.

Ring Video Doorbell. Record low deal for Prime members.

And in Canada...


  1. All that was missing on Ruth was her Heidi attire lol. And no yodeling from either one hahaha

    1. Sorry , I don't happen to have my Heidi outfit with me at the moment and no worries about the yodeling, I don't think either one of us could do that if our life depended on it, lol!


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