Out for a walk beside the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading to Nova Scotia around August 1st.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

More future travel planning!

We've got a busy four months or so ahead of us!

We head back to Canada between August 5th and Sept 10th. We'll be visiting Montreal, Calgary, Nova Scotia, and Ottawa. It's going to be a hectic five weeks, but we're looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family!

But when we arrive back in Amsterdam on September 11th, we won't be going back to Max. 

By the time we depart Amsterdam on August 5th, we will have used up all but 6 days of our Schengen visa time. So we need to let 84 days or so pass until we can re-enter the Schengen zone for another three month visit. 

So we need to visit some other places that are outside the Schengen zone. 

Ruth has relatives in England and we haven't seen them for a while. So when we land in Amsterdam, we aren't even going to leave the airport... we're going to get a quick direct flight to London, England. Ruth has an aunt who lives right in central London and we can stay there for a couple of days. 

The last time we visited London was in June 2012.

From London, we have been invited to visit friends Glen and Steve up near Leeds, so we will head up there for almost a week. Then, down to Somerset/Dorset area to see Ruth's cousin Helen and her husband Tony. 

Long time readers will remember Helen and Tony from when they came to visit us and Sherman in California in 2016, and when they also came to visit us in Portugal in 2017. This time, we're planning on taking them down to Albania and Kosovo with us for a couple of weeks towards the end of September.

After that is a question mark. We can't go back to Max until the beginning of November, so we'll have three weeks or so where we'll have to find somewhere to go. Haven't got that figured out yet, but there's lots of time.

When we get back to Max in November, we're planning on Spain for three months or so, but it's too far away to do any planning. 

Meanwhile, we've still got 12 more days in Norway. Today, we head to the small city of Stavanger where hopefully the weather will be good enough for a bike ride around town.


And in Canada...


  1. For those three weeks, is the world your oyster, to choose from or will you want to stay in the general area, so to speak? I'm excited at the possibilities either way.

    1. Yes, it pretty much will be! To be honest we really haven't put much thought into what we will do for those three weeks, all we know is that we want to be somewhere that is reasonably warm.

  2. Stavanger was famous for sardines. They had lots of canning factories and a large fishing fleet. Maybe you can still eat sardines there. Enjoy it all. Might be able to catch up with you end of September. We'll be slowly bussing down from Krakow going to southern Turkey for autumn.

    1. I had read about that! They used to have lots of canning factories here and that the sardines that they caught here were some of the best tasting ones in the world. Unfortunately all the canning factories have closed up and they don't catch them anymore. One of the factories has been turned into a canning museum. We don't care for sardines so, I doubt that we will be eating any here, and yes, apparently there is somewhere where you can still eat them in the city.

      You never know, our paths just might cross, it would be good to see you both again.

  3. Oh! By the way, I replaced my laptop today with a vivobook OLED 15.6. I tried to get the same zenbook as yours Kevin, but it was only available with a silver deck and I need to have mine black . As for gettng tax back, we wont be leaving the Eu zone until we reach Turkey, so it's not going to work for us. Cheers

    1. Great to hear that you got your laptop replaced. Too bad that you can't collect back on the taxes though but at least that means that you can use it right away, unlike us who have these nice new laptops sitting in their boxes unopened, lol! How do you like the new laptop?


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