Peyto Lake, Alberta.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Now this is the kind of area we love!

Monday morning, Yves and Katja took off to visit the Temple of Apollo. We had been there in November of 2020, so didn't need to return, but we thought it was worthwhile enough to recommend that they visit.

We headed around the south shore of Lake Bafa, and then inland to the north shore of the lake. We had read that it was a worthwhile overnight spot, and that there was a lot of hiking opportunities in the area.

When we arrived, we were surprised at the difference in the landscape. Lots of big boulders and oddly shaped rocks. And, lots of ancient ruins!

Scenery in one of the towns we drove through.

Heading to the village of Kapikiri.

Lots of interesting scenery along the way.

We stopped and parked at the first opportunity close to the village, and then got out and walked so that we could check out the various overnight possibilities. It was a gorgeous blue sky day, so we wanted some exercise anyhow.

One of the best spots had a recent review on the park4night app that said the area was no longer possible to overnight at, but we arrived there and there were three French vans parked up. We spoke to them (in English) and they had been there three nights. The police had come one night and told them no fires were allowed, but weren't bothered with them parked there. So we decided to stay as well.

It turns out that the modern day village of Kapikiri is built at the location of the ancient city of Herakleia, and the whole area is just one big archeological site.

Castle on an island.

We have a view of this out our side window.

Weird boulders.

We walked along this road to see if there were any other overnight possibilities, but there were not.

Scenery along the way.

We got parked up and had some lunch and then headed out exploring. Did I mention it was a gorgeous day? Definitely one of the best we have had on this trip.

Me, at the Sanctuary of Endymion.

You can see Max parked on the right.

Scenery at Lake Bafa.

What a beautiful spot.

Some of the big boulders have a very odd kind of erosion.

Steps carved into the rocks hundreds (thousands?) of years ago.

Ruth, enjoying the view.

Lake Castle.

Enjoying the view.

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Castle on the island.

Looks like the lake level used to be lower.

On the other side of Lake Castle is the necropolis (cemetery). The tombs are all cut into the rocks, and there are hundreds of them. In fact, we read that there are something like 2,400 tombs in the area.

Looking back at the town of Kapikiri.

Lake Castle.

How many tombs in this photo alone?


Looking back at the castle.

Ladies making some kind of jewelry to sell.

Part of the old town wall.

The modern day town hall and park are built on top of the ancient agora.

We climbed up to the Temple of Athena for the view.

While there, who did we bump into again but Yves and Katja. They had finished at the Temple of Apollo and came to park here for a night or two.

Not much to see at the Temple of Athena except for these massive stones.

We sat and enjoyed the sunshine for a while.

We were walking by a bar/restaurant and Yves suggested we go in for a drink. We've been doing "dry January", but on the 31st of the month that was close enough for me...

Dry January is officially over! My first beer of 2022!


We are headed out early this morning on a long hike, so the blog is a bit late being published today.

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  1. I could sit there all day and look at that castle!

    1. It is definitely a pretty sight to see but there is also so much else to look at in the area. :-)


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