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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Made another doctor appointment

We have our ophthalmologist appointment on Saturday morning. That is why we are heading to Antalya fairly quickly.

Regular readers will remember that we had refractive lens exchange surgery done here in Turkey back in late December of 2020. You can read all the details here. We are going to see our ophthalmologist just for a checkup since we are in the area. 

And, we asked our ophthalmologist if he could recommend a general physician who could give us each a medical checkup and blood tests and all of that stuff. Nothing serious is wrong, it's just that we haven't had it done for five or six (or seven?) years or so. I can't remember exactly what year, but it was while we were working at the campground in Cabri.

He gave us a name and number, so I sent the guy a text message yesterday afternoon hoping we could get an appointment for next week. He got back to me right away saying "sure, you can come at 10:30am tomorrow morning". Being from Canada, we're not used to being able to see a doctor so quickly unless it's an emergency! I explained that we weren't going to actually be in Antalya until late Friday afternoon, and he then made our appointment for Monday morning at 10:30am. We are not allowed to eat or drink anything but water for 12 hours beforehand.

No idea what it will cost, but it will be cheap. We will make sure to ask before he gets started!

Turkey has a mixed public/private medical system. They began allowing private procedures in 2003, Due to rising competition from private hospitals, there has been an increase in the quality of the public state run health care. Also, all emergency services are free for anyone, foreigners included. Up until what point, I can't seem to find out. I know that in Canada, emergency services are free for foreigners up until the point they get you stabilized, then they charge you big time. Interestingly, I noticed that our Heymondo travel medical insurance has instituted some policy changes that puts Canada in the same category as the U.S. now for if you have to pay out of pocket for anything.

Yesterday morning, we went and did part of the coastal section of the Lycian Way hiking trail that runs right beside where we were parked.

Max, parked by the coast.

It was a beautiful spot.

Scenery along the way.

Another beautiful day.

This lone palm tree grew out of the rocks.

Can you see Max?

More scenery.

We climbed to the top of a hill where there is a small ruins site. Great views. Not much of the ruins left, but it was still kind of interesting since the only access to the site is by hiking.

Zoomed in on where Max is parked.

Just one more earthquake might bring the rest of this down.

No idea what this would have been used for.

A goat on our trail.

Goats sure are good rock climbers!

We got on the road and made our way to the small city of Demre. It's not the most attractive area, but they have a waterfront walkway that is easy to park beside, so we decided to spend the night. It wasn't the quietest spot, but we had a nice view of the sea.

We walked up and down the long walkway.

We are now only 144 kms (90 miles) from Antalya which we could easily do in one day, but there are still some things to see along the way, so we will split it into two days.

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And in Canada...


  1. Love the pic of the palm tree and mountains across the water! I read your post about eye surgery. I had Lasix monovision done in ‘99, so no glasses since then. Had cataract surgery last Dec and have same problem you did - reading eye’s trying to catch up. Feel cross-eyed sometimes at night watching tv. Kind of surprised because the Lasix kicked in the next day perfectly but then I’m older now. Have always had dry eyes but it’s a lot worse now which I hear is common. I’m hoping Spring/Summer will be better with no furnace and more humidity in the air. Hope your appointments go well!

    1. We thought that is was funny to see this palm tree all on it's own like that, there were not other palms anywhere along that route, it was really weird!

      We were originally going to try and get the Lasik surgery done until we found out about this Intraocular Lens Replacement surgery and that you pretty much were guaranteed to not need glasses for the rest of your life if you got the proper lenses, plus you would never get cataracts either and with the cost here in Turkey being a little more than what the laser surgery back in Canada would have cost us we decided to go with the lens replacement and we have not regretted it for a moment. Kevin said that it takes a while for your eyes to adjust to the new lens, it is quite different from the laser surgery so that is probably why you never had an issue back then. Kevin doesn't seem to get dry eye but I notice that I do sometimes and have drops that I can use when it bothers me enough. Kevin does notice that he has floaters though, I used to notice some but now I don't seem to notice any. I hope that it doesn't take too much longer for your eye to adjust to the new lens.

  2. I had cataract surgery several years ago and I too get sort of crossed eyed...especially trying to read or watching TV. I have to close one eye to see better. I need to find why that happens.

    1. Sounds like you should get that checked with your eye doctor. If it was done several years ago your eyes/brain should have adjusted themselves by now. Kevin said it took about six months or so before he didn't have to think about the difference between the two eyes and the long and short sightedness.


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