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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Eye doctor results

It was a little chilly yesterday morning, and we didn't know what the route would be like for cycling, so we decided to walk to our 10:00am eye doctor appointment. It turns out that it would have been no problem to ride our bikes... there wasn't much traffic on a Saturday morning, and there were quite a few sections that had bicycle only lanes.

But it was only 6.5 kms (4 miles) each way, so we had no problem walking it in an hour.

Lots of park space and nice views along the way...

Our route took us through part of the old town tourist section.

The Antalya waterfront stretches for miles and is really nice with a lot of views, paths, and park space.

The ancient marina is still in use.

We got to our ophthalmologist office and were seen right away. The purpose of this visit was just a checkup. We had refractive lens exchange surgery done at the end of December 2020, and while my eyes should be no problem for the rest of my life, Ruth has one eye that has a tiny tear in the retina so it needs to be checked regularly.

He did all kinds of tests on both of us using all these fancy computerized machines. I should have taken a photo, but I forgot. Bottom line, we both have 20/20 vision, and there are no problems related to the surgery. Totally happy that we had it done.

But he's a little concerned about the tear in Ruth's retina and so she has to go back on Tuesday for one more test just to set a baseline for future monitoring. Eventually, she may need a small surgical procedure to repair it.

Total cost of the visit was 350 lira ($32.75 CAD, $25.50 USD) each. And it qualifies as a medical tax deduction in Canada.

Max, parked at GPS 36.885996, 30.67002

Taking advantage of the free WiFi at the parking lot where we are, we had a good zoom call in the evening with my mother and both sisters.

Today ought to be interesting. We belong to a facebook group called Senior Nomads. It's a really good group that has very little drama. Anyhow, some of the group members are in Antalya right now, so we're going to meet for lunch. Should be fun!

Digital Bathroom Scale. Hard to go wrong at this price.

And in Canada...


  1. Great to hear you passed your eye tests and at a very good price too! Senior Nomads sounds like fun. What a fun way to meet up with other travelers. Spreading the love!!❤️

    1. We are so happy with the results of our eye surgeries last winter and having the doctor do a thorough checkup on them makes us even happier.

      The Senior Nomads group, is a good group on Facebook and we were really happy to meet up with fellow travelers. It is nice to hear everyone's story and swap travel ideas and tips.

  2. I've had several small tears in my retina after a botched cataract procedure. A different ophthalmologist did laser surgery to repair them, an outpatient visit that only took minutes to complete and is relatively painless. The laser reinforces the tissue around the tear. Since the surgery I've had no further problems but had check ups every six months for two years after.

    The most notable thing was small flashing lights as my eye moved around, I only noticed it at night. Remember if you see a flashing light at say 12:00, the tear is really at 6:00, you see upside down and the brain changes things to right side up.

    PS: You blog is a daily must read for me, thanks for all the work you do to post the most interesting travels. :cD

    1. Oh my, that isn't good to hear about how you received your tears but good to hear that you got them all fixed up. I have know idea how I received my tear, in fact I didn't know I even had one until last year when the doctor did the tests on our eyes to see if we even qualified for this lens replacement surgery. He certainly doesn't seem to worried about it but wants to keep he eye on it. I have not noticed any small flashing lights in my eyes but I will certainly keep that in mind should that start to happen, thanks.

      We are so glad that you are still following along on our travels and that you find our posts interesting and entertaining. :-)

  3. What fun to meet fellow “Senior Nomads” where you are staying right now! Good to hear your eye exams went well for the most part. Happy & safe travels!
    Larry & Nancy Stanek

    1. It is really neat to be able to meet up with fellow travelers that you have only met from an online group but we each know a little bit about each other because of that group and to have eight of us altogether in the same place is pretty cool. We definitely had lots to talk about with all of them.


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