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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Hiking in Göynük Canyon, and into the big city of Antalya

We slept Thursday night at the Göynük Canyon parking lot. Total peace and quiet... it actually would have been good for a two night stop except that we had to get to Antalya for our eye doctor appointment on Saturday morning.

This whole area has a lot of trails, and the famous Lycian Way trail goes through this area as well. I had seen a cave marked on the map, so we decided to hike up there first. 

No idea what we were going to find, but it looked interesting from a distance...

Can you see the cave we are headed to?

Zoomed in.

So we set off, uphill every step of the way. We don't mind going uphill, unless it gets so steep that we start to wonder how we will get back down. Steep is easier going up than down!

At least the trail was well marked!

Heading higher.

Ruth, right in the center.
It turned out to be more of a big overhang than an actual cave.

But it was still big enough to do some exploring.

Maybe I'll go up and see what's in here.

All the way inside.

But this hole was too small to crawl into.

Nice view from up there.

It was hazy looking towards the sea though.

Heading back down. It is steeper than the photo shows.

But, we made it.

Back at the bottom, we decided to pay the 30 lira ($2.80 CAD, $2.20 USD) per person entrance fee to Göynük Canyon National Park. Unfortunately the best part of the canyon is only viewable if you do a guided water hike into the canyon during warmer season. But at least we would be able to see it from the top.

They had a few peacocks.

But they were not in the mood to fully display their beautiful feathers.

Ruth did get to enjoy this cute puppy though!

Wow. Somebody has quite the imagination to build this out of sticks. Amazing.

The road is washed away.

Heading into the canyon.

Nice suspension bridge.

In another month or two, the water level will be much higher.

The rock is so interesting. I should have been a geologist. 

Looking down.


This big tree fell down recently.

This is as far as we could get.

This is as far as we could go without getting our feet wet. 
I think at the right time of year it would be a fun trip to do the water hike further into the canyon.

Eagle made with sticks.

When we got back to Max, who was parked beside us but friends Katja and Yves. They were just getting out to do the same hike into the canyon that we had just done. We will likely see them again in Antalya.

Speaking of Antalya, that is where we headed next. I had read of a nice parking lot walking distance to the central area. We got there, and we were the only vehicle in the lot! The attendant was really friendly, and explained that it was 20 lira ($1.85 CAD, $1.50 USD) per 24 hours and that included WiFi internet! For that price, we will stay a few days. Yes, it's still just a parking lot, near a busy road, but after all we are in the city. It's actually better than we thought it was going to be. And the friendly attendant pointed out where we could fill up with water, and brought us to a nearby cafe where we could use the facilities free of charge at any time. Nice guy.

This morning, we are going to walk to our eye doctor appointment. It's only 6.5 kms (4.0 miles) each way!

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And in Canada...


  1. Looks like a lovely park and nice art work.

    And I am finally up to date and can follow from day to day now :-).

    1. It was a nice park, it would have been cool to have either done the boat trip down the canyon or the canyoneering but this isn't the time of year for either of those two.

      We are glad that you are all caught up now, I hope that we can show you some fun adventures as we continue our journey. :-)

    2. I'm sure you will have lot's of fun adventures to enjoy! And I'm happy to follow them!

  2. What a gorgeous area! Love the natural branch sculptures -- that took some talent.

    1. It was a pretty area, we seem to be finding a lot of them. :-)

      We don't understand how someone can create such neat looking sculptures out of those dried pieces of wood! They definitely have lots of talent and imagination.

  3. Secured parking lots are great places when you're out and exploring. It does the trick. The water is crystal clear in the pics above. Have fun!

    1. Yes, they do work great, although we honestly wouldn't worry about Max even if we just parked him on a street somewhere, the city seems very safe.


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