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Monday, February 28, 2022

February Expenses

Had we not done those medical checkups and bought me a new pair of hiking boots, February would have been an all time record low month. Of course keeping in mind that February only has 28 days, but still!

We spent a total of $1,884 CAD ($1,487 USD, €1,322), but our actual living expenses were less than half of that!

(The following figures are all in $CAD).

I started a new category, and back dated it to January... medical expenses. Mostly in order to make it easier to add up expenses for tax deductions, but it also gives a little more detail as to where our money goes.

In February, we spent about $850 on medical, plus our medical insurance of around $160. And we spent $125 on my new hiking boots, and another $30 on a pair of walking shoes. Which means all of our living expenses... gas, food, booze, meals out, entertainment, overnight... came to around $700!


Here's how it all broke down...

Fuel: We only filled Max's tank once near the beginning of the month for $97. However he is getting pretty low and we'll need to fill up as soon as we get back on the road later this week.

Propane Gas: We filled two tanks for a total of $25.71. One is now empty and the other is getting low. Fortunately we are now in decent weather and not using as much for heat. In fact I don't think we've had the furnace on for well over a week!

Groceries: A total of $282. Fruits and veggies are where the big savings are, but dairy products, cheese, and chicken are all fairly cheap too. And we spent $50 only yesterday, so the fridge is still fairly full at the end of the month.

Meals out: We even went out for lunch several times. We spent $77 on meals out.

Alcohol: We had dry January last month, and then we followed up with semi-dry February! Alcohol is fairly pricey in Turkey, so we cut our drinking back in countries where booze is more expensive. Plus, it's better for our health as well. We tend to enjoy it more when we are in countries where it is cheap! We spent $78 in February.

Miscellaneous: Total of $182, mostly related to my $125 hiking boots and $30 walking shoes. Other expenses were laundry and haircut.

Entertainment: $15. Drinks out one day, and the canyon entrance fees. We do a lot of hiking and walking that is free.

Overnight: $34. It is easy to free camp in Turkey. But even then, we had 11 paid nights... averaging $3 a night!

Medical: A total of $1,094. Most of that is a one time thing to get our testing done. We won't do it again for another five years unless there is something wrong.

So overall, we're really happy that we were still able to come in well under $2,000 with all of the money we spent on one time items.

March is also going to be an inexpensive month. We might be spending some on travel, which we'll talk about tomorrow. But otherwise, it will be a cheap month.


And in Canada...

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