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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Hiking in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Porto, Portugal on June 25th!

Friday, October 2, 2020

What's the plan?

Back in to Ottawa yesterday where we had a nice visit with my mother and older sister. Then it was off to pick up Ruth's dad and we brought him out for a drive. We also had some running around to do, including a stop to change some Mexican pesos into euros.

When we were preparing to leave Mexico last March, we thought we had our cash situation figured out so that we wouldn't have very much left over when we actually crossed the border. But because of Covid altered plans, we ended up staying in one spot the last ten days and that actually meant we didn't spend as much cash.

So we ended up with leftover cash to the tune of 1,920 pesos.

And since we don't plan to be back in Mexico for a few years (but who knows?!), we didn't see the point of hanging on to those pesos. So I went to a foreign exchange place and traded them for €67 euros. We probably lost about $11 CAD doing the transaction, but it was better than just letting them sit for years.

Then we took Tony for a drive along the Rideau Canal to downtown. Didn't take any photos, but it was a nice drive. He probably hadn't been to downtown Ottawa for years, but it could have been last month and he's at the point where he wouldn't remember anyhow. Either way, he seemed to enjoy the drive.

Oh, my mother had asked me what our plan is for the next month or two. I thought I had sort of explained it here, but she reads this blog and so I figured that if she didn't know, then perhaps you don't either! 

So... yes, we do have a plan but there are several versions of it depending on how things happen. Nothing is written in stone.

We fly to London, England on Sunday, October 11th. Then we have just over 24 hours in Gatwick airport before we hop on our connecting flight to Berlin, Germany to arrive there the afternoon of Tuesday, October 13th.

We will spend between 4-7 nights in Berlin. We haven't booked accommodation yet. If we book 7 nights, we will head directly to Munster (near Dusseldorf) on October 20th, but if we book less than 7 nights we will stop in Hanover (or somewhere else along the way) for a couple of nights.

Then, we will visit the RV dealership where we have an agreement to buy a new motorhome. But, the new motorhome won't arrive at the dealer until January time frame and we would not pick it up until the end of March when the weather is better in that area. However... part of the agreement says that if they have a unit in stock that we would like to take right away, we have the option of doing that. It's a big dealer, and they have a constant flow of trade in units coming in, so we will have a look around and see if there is anything that piques our interest.

Here is where the two plans divert. If we end up buying a motorhome then and there, we will also end up doing a long drive to get to some decent weather, so that is not our first option. If they have a motorhome we like, it would have to really tick all the boxes.

Because it's a long drive from Germany to the south coast of Turkey!

So we will likely do our business at the dealership, and then head into Dusseldorf for a visit, after which we would fly to either Albania, Greece, Cyprus, or Turkey and bounce around for a couple of weeks at a time for 5 months until we head back to Munster to pick up our new motorhome.

So, there are lots of variables. And then there is Covid on top of that which could change our plans yet again. So, while we do have a plan, we are also very flexible.


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  1. I think you would enjoy the following on You Tube:

    BBC-Great Continental Train Journeys
    BBC Great Canadian Train Journeys

    They provide History, Beautiful Views and lots of local information.

    1. Thanks we will have a look at them, especially the Continental train one. :-)

  2. I always say the best plans are made in jello

    1. Yep, and that is definitely what it will be like for us this winter!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful trip, Kevin and Ruth! Especially if you are of ok with a change here and there. Take a lot of pictures, so Joann and I live can l can live through you 2! Joann has been to Europe, but I have never been, so I will be a rookie! Enjoy, Rawn and Joann

    1. We have no problems with changes, we always find a way to adapt.

      Guaranteed there will be lots of pictures. Hopefully we will encourage you to to for a trip to Europe. :-)

  4. Sounds good to us - GO WITH THE FLOW - has always been our way to deal with life!!

    1. We think that is the only way to deal with life, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. :-)


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