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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Day trip to the U.S. border, and final paperwork on the new motorhome

Yesterday evening we posted our expenses for the month of September. If you missed it, you can read it here...

We picked up the grandkids yesterday and took them out for a field trip day. The weather was kind of iffy, but we brought raincoats. The destination? The border town of Brockville, Ontario (pop 21,000) ... the site of Canada's first railway tunnel.

The tunnel was completed in 1860 and it runs right underneath downtown Brockville for a distance of about 1/2 a kilometer (1/3 mile). It was closed around 1980, but re-opened as a free tourist attraction in 2017.

Sadie and Ruth at the tunnel entrance.

Having grown up in Ottawa,  I thought I knew of all the interesting things in the general area. But I guess because it only re-opened in 2017, I had never heard of the tunnel.

Cameron and Sadie having fun with the light show.

And, out the other end.

The tunnel is right downtown, with one end at the popular waterfront area, and it runs directly underneath Brockville's City Hall. Kind of fun, especially since it's free. Takes about a half an hour if you take the time to read some of the information boards throughout the length of the tunnel.

Cameron, ringing the bell.

Looking across the St. Lawrence River to New York State.

Waterfront condo building.

Out for a walk on the waterfront.

Royal Canadian Air Force.

Another air force.

Fall colors.


The big chairs.

Entrance to Brockville Marina.

It's a pretty area.

Always the character!

Ruth and Sadie, looking across to New York State.

We wandered through downtown.

Looking for an ice cream store.

Ice cream treats with Grandma.

Nice mural.

We drove back to Lindsey's house and had supper with the family then drove back to Ruth's dad's house in Galetta. Along the way, we encountered a rain storm, and afterwards a brilliant rainbow.

This morning, I got the final paperwork for our new motorhome in Europe. The total including tax is €52,700 ($82,400 CAD, $62,000 USD at today's exchange rates).

Tax in Germany is 19%, however due to Covid the German government reduced it to 16% until December 31st. We don't have to pay for the rig until we pick it up in March, but we still get the 16% tax rate.

The grand total will end up being higher than €52,700 though because it doesn't include the optional extras we plan to have installed after the fact. The oven will be around €600, the solar panels €1,200, and the extra battery €260. 

And keeping in mind that we have stipulated in the contract that we can back out if we happen to see something we like when we are there in 3 weeks time. It's a big dealership and they have a constant flow of used units coming through on trade. Although we really like the unit we have agreed to buy, they may have something else already in stock that ticks all of the boxes, and if they do then we will start our European motorhome travels earlier than planned.

Record low deal on all sizes of this TOSOT Energy Star Dehumidifier.

And in Canada...


  1. Love all the pictures and learning about Brockville! Fun day with Sadie and Cameron!! 💕

    1. Thank you Connie and Barry, we had a good day and learned new stuff ourselves, while having a fun time with Cameron and Sadie. :-)

  2. What an exciting agenda you have planned. I will be following for sure, Glad I caught your post regarding Brockville and the Tunnel. So we will put in on our agenda for today. That tunnel closes for the winter on Friday so today we will hike from Hardy Park to the downtown and back. Great daytrip.

    1. We hope that you enjoyed your day in Brockville yesterday and that the weather was good for you. You will just have made the visit just in time before it closes for the season. :-)

  3. We haven't been to Brockville since the Tall Ships arrived about five years ago. I am longing to go back.

    1. Brockville is a really pretty town, we enjoyed our visit there. You will have to go there next year when the tunnel reopens for a new season, as today (Friday) is the last day it is open for this year.

  4. Have you found out anything about the exclusion clause 8 ( gg ) in your travel insurance plan ? I hope it is nothing to be concerned about.

    1. Not yet. I am waiting to hear back from the insurance company. They have promised me an email answer, but if I don't get it by tomorrow I will phone them.

    2. The current travel advisory does not meet the requirements of section 8 (gg) as it is an advisory, not an order. The section excludes coverage if you refuse to leave after your government or the local government orders you to leave. In this case you are advised against traveling but there is not an order in place. An example of a situation that this would apply to would be similar to when the US State Department ordered non-emergency US travelers to evacuate from Iraq in 5/15/2019. In that case had someone stayed without good reason they would have voided the coverage.

    3. Glad you got it cleared up.

  5. I don't think I would call Brockville a border town, since there's no port of entry there. But there was a real plan to build a railroad bridge, connecting to the famous tunnel. In fact, you can still see the 1895 foundation on one of the islands in the river a bit downstream.

    1. I agree with you, I didn't really think it was considered a border town either but it is on the border and boats can come into the marina from the States! We did see the remnants of the foundation on the island just downstream. :-)

  6. Brockville looks pretty. Love the water and of course the fall foliage. How do the children like/dislike having to wear masks? We don't have any children in our lives, and whenever I see young children wearing them (here in the US), I always wonder. As adults, it's no problem to do our part to protect others, but I can't help but feel that children have lost their innocence in some way. They look like such little troopers, but my heart goes out to them!

    1. Is is a very pretty little historic town right on the Saint Lawrence River. Lots of pretty historical buildings in the downtown and of course at this time of year lots of nice fall foliage to look at.

      Both Cameron and Sadie don't seem to mind wearing their masks, they obviously would prefer not too but they don't put up a fuss having to put them on and wear them. Lindsey is homeschooling them so luckily they don't have to wear the masks too often.


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