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Monday, October 5, 2020

Weekend with granddaughter Sadie, and Berlin accommodation confirmed

Lots of fun having granddaughter Sadie (7) with us for the weekend. She's a really good kid to look after, and such a little sweetheart. Of course that is just the grandpa's opinion, so it might be a little biased!

We didn't do anything special though. The weather wasn't the best, and you can sure tell that winter is coming!

We did manage to get out for a short walk beside the river in Arnprior though.

Grandma and Sadie.

A few colorful trees.

Sadie helping Grandma make pizza.

We are bringing Sadie back to her house this morning, and borrowing our daughter's car for the rest of the week so that we can bring the little red car back to the rental company today.

I finally got confirmation for our accommodation in Berlin next week. It would have been easy if we wanted to spend $100 a day for the week, but we did not want to spend that much! Airbnb says that their average rental in Berlin is $160 a night. Yikes.

When you rent on Airbnb, some listings are "instant book" where you receive confirmation right away. Others, you have to apply and wait to be approved by the host.

I had applied for one, and the host got back to me saying that "it should be okay", and then I never heard back and the application expired. I applied again and he said he had changed his mind. Very frustrating. Then, I found another really good one, but the location wasn't ideal. But it was an instant book listing, so I took it. Got the confirmation, and half an hour later I got the cancellation from the host... along with an apology and a $45 credit for our next booking. Apparently as I sent in the booking, she had just promised the apartment to a friend.

I thought we were going to have to check out the shared apartments. I was scanning through them when I found one that looked good and as I read through it, one paragraph of the description mentioned that the host was going to be out of town during our stay and we could have the apartment to ourselves. A little more expensive than we would have liked to pay, at around €307 ($480 CAD, $360 USD) for the week. But, it's a nice place in a great location with a big fully equipped kitchen. October is going to be an expensive month!


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And in Canada...

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  1. That was rent on one of my first apartments, lol! Ok, over 20 years ago to be fair.

  2. Unfortunately, Berlin is an expensive City. But you don't need a car. One can get around with trains and Bus. Don't forget to read the last guidelines re. Covid 19 entering Germany. They are changing daily.
    Try a Currey Wurst (Sausage) for Lunch. There are street vendors preparing them always fresh. We like them very much.
    We wish you a great time.

    1. We have no intention of wanting a car for the time we are in Berlin, we aren't even sure if we will buy the 7 day transportation pass because we like to walk so much. We will have to weigh our odds to see if we think we will spend more money taking the odd train/subway/bus in Berlin, and then compare that to the price of the pass.

      As long as the Currywurst is gluten free then by all means, I am sure we will try one.

      We are definitely keeping our eyes on the COVID-19 guidelines, we know how fast things change. Thank you Angi for all the all the suggestions.


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