View from our 8th floor hotel room at Con Cuong, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Vinh, Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

One week to go!

A week from today we fly to London, England. Not that we will be seeing any of London, but we have been there several times in the past. We will not be leaving the airport terminal, and will be connecting to Berlin, Germany after a long layover.

This week will go by quickly! 

We have granddaughter Sadie (7) with us for a couple of nights. Then tomorrow (Monday) we will bring her back to her house, and pick up our daughter's car. She is lending it to us for a few days because our car rental is due back tomorrow. Yes, we have had the little red car for two whole months! I will follow Ruth to the car rental place and drop it off, then head back to Galetta in our daughter's car.

We also have to stop in at the CAA and get our International Drivers Permits. This is essentially just a money grab, but there are a few countries that we plan to drive in that apparently have rules where you could get a fine without one, despite the fact that I can't find online stories of anybody who has actually received a fine.

Then on Friday, we look forward to going to visit our son Alex, his girlfriend CJ, and their new puppy Lucy at the new house they bought in Gravenhurst, Ontario. It's the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend coming up, and we will have Thanksgiving dinner with them. Daughter Lindsey will be coming with the grandkids to join us.

Then next Sunday we will get up very early and drive back to Ottawa where we will meet son-in-law Justin who will be waiting to drive us to the airport in time for our 3:00pm flight to Toronto.

Some of our long time readers will remember when we went to Europe in 2017 that we had fun matching up some of my father's photos from his 1950's trips to Europe. We look forward to doing that again during the next couple of years. He has quite a few from Germany, but most of them are from the southern part.

He must have spent a day in Berlin though... there is one single photo that we will be trying to duplicate...

Berlin, 1954.

Should be easy to find that landmark. We will try to take a photo standing in the same spot that he was standing back then. I hope there's not too much traffic... kinda looks like he was standing in the middle of the road!

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And in Canada...


  1. Now you'll start making every minute count. Checking your lists and getting packed. Your time on the planes might be the only relaxation you'll have until you get to Germany.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the chaos.

    It's about time.

    1. We have been trying to make every minute count since we got here but we are still behind where we wanted to be at this time. Getting packed it the easy part, we really have very little to pack. It is making sure that we have everything put away at the house and that it is all clean and tidy when we leave but as we know from past experiences, it always gets done.

      We are actually looking forward to some relaxation time, even if it is on the plane or in the airport. :-)

  2. How fast time flies! Can’t believe you’ve been here, ‘grounded’ sort of, for TWO months! Of course you had a lot done in those weeks and probably still have a long to-do list for this coming week.
    It is very pleasant to follow you from day to day and I especially enjoy pictures of your past trips to Europe. This one in Italy (Cinque Terre, no?) is particularly beautiful! Have a nice last week - I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of it! And safe travel to Europe ! Beware : the Covid is treacherous and still galloping over there too!

    1. We can't believe that we have been here for two months as well, the time really has gone by fast. There still seems to be so much to do yet but I guess it will just have to wait until we come back in May next year. Hopefully too, my brother and nephew will be able to get some of the stuff done over the winter. At least we made a fairly big dent in the work. Yes, there is still a long to do list for this week!

      We are glad that you have been enjoying our day to day activities here, even if they haven't been so exciting as when we are traveling but then again, life isn't always full of exciting times.

      Yes, this picture was from the Cinque Terre trail, we were looking down on the little town of Vernazza. And, we have no doubt that we will enjoy every minute of our trip to Europe. We are very aware of COVID-19 and we take all the necessary precautions but we also want to continue to enjoy life. :-)

  3. I must be one of your longtime readers, for I remember when you worked at matching your dad's pictures. Again looking forward to this trip; no, this is more than a trip, It is always a pleasure to find another blog entry. Happy and safe travels.

    1. I think we have a few long time readers, such as yourself that will remember us matching up Kevin's dad's pictures. It will be fun to do that again but I think there will be more of that done next year when we are traveling around in our motorhome, rather that this fall.


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