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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Things are coming together and we are starting to get excited!

Yesterday, I had thought that we might wait a few more days to book accommodation in Germany. But I had a quick look through AirBnb and came across an inexpensive one that caught my interest. I sent the host a couple of questions, which she eventually answered, but by the time I went to book it, somebody else had already done so!

So, while there are lots of choices available in Berlin because tourism is down and the weather is quickly cooling off, the good ones still do go quickly. I figured I had better spend a bit more time looking for one that is suitable for us.

Germany is slightly more expensive than I thought it might be. A private room in an average quality shared accommodation in Berlin is about €250 ($400 CAD, $300 USD) per week.

But we are specifically spending more money this trip due to Covid. While we think that most shared places would be fine, we think it's a better idea to get private accommodation.

And your own private accommodation in Berlin will cost minimum €325 ($500 CAD, $375 USD) per week for something half decent.

But, I came across a private studio apartment for €270 which is pretty good, so I requested a booking. Unfortunately it might not come together. The request will expire 4 hours from now so maybe the host isn't that good.

However, I figured that I might as well do some further research. We need to make our way to Dusseldorf area. I thought the small city of Münster looked interesting, and it was close to where the RV dealer is. I came across a nice farmhouse location with it's own apartment just outside the city. So I booked it... we will be staying one full week from October 20-27 and the stay has been confirmed. That one was €240 ($375 CAD, $280 USD) for the week.

Now for transportation...

There are lots of options to get from Berlin to Münster, a distance of about 475kms (294 miles). Train, plane, bus, rideshare... or your own private rental car.

Looking at all the options, we chose a rental car. First, because of Covid it is the best way to stay away from people, and secondly because of the convenience. I booked it for a full week, so we can do some day trips while we are staying at the farmhouse outside of Münster.  I thought it might be expensive, especially with the one way drop charge to Dusseldorf, but I was pleasantly surprised. It will cost a total of €169 ($260 CAD, $200 USD) for the week which isn't cheap by any means, but when you consider that we won't have to take or pay for any other transportation and we will have so much convenience it becomes worth it to us. 

So... things are coming together and we are starting to get excited!


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  1. I visited Münster several times for my work. Not much going on there. Its a pretty, rebuilt college town, and has a great pub called the Pinkus Müller.

    1. We don't have an issue with the "Not much going on there", that is the type of place we love. I am sure there a lot to see in the area. :-)

  2. I think you will know that the majority of German Autobahn do not have a legal speed limit. It pays to check more than once before pulling out into the outside lane as it's possible to get caught out.

    Sorry to mention this if you already know, but may be of help if you didn't realise this. Have to add that for most Germans it is second nature to check and double check, Germans pride themselves on their driving skills, but for the rest of us driving at say 75 mph and find someone approaching 80 mph faster is a surprise.

    1. Yes, well aware thanks. Highly unlikely that I would be pulling out to pass anyone!


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