Nice sunset view as we pass over London, England, on our way to Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Hiking in Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Porto, Portugal on June 25th!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Road trip!

 We had a bunch of last minute stuff to do at Ruth's dad's house. You would think that after having been there for more than two months we would have been totally organized to leave, but we still found ourselves rushing around at the last minute.

We didn't leave the house until around 12:45pm, and then we still had to drop one last load of stuff off at the charity shop, and go to the bank and do some other running around.

So it was 1:30pm by the time we finally hit the road, and we had a 300 km (186 mile) drive ahead of us.

Still some color to the trees.

Scenery along the way.

We took the back roads the whole way.

We drove non stop and arrived at 5:00pm. Our son Alex and his girlfriend CJ bought a brand new house in a new development here in Gravenhurst so the development isn't totally finished yet. Nice to see them again for a quick visit before we head over to Europe.

And we met their new addition to the family...

Introducing Lucy!

Lucy is a soft coated wheaten terrier. She's a real sweetheart and such a good puppy.

We had dinner and then got a few drinks together and had a few games of cards. Ruth tried a new drink. Most people know that marijuana is federally legal here in Canada now, and the manufacturers have come up with novel ways of selling it to you. They now have cannabis infused sparkling water. No different than an alcohol drink really, except they are quite a bit more expensive.

Ruth with her "Houseplant" brand of marijuana drink.

Gravenhurst harbor at Lake Muskoka.

We are heading out to do some exploring of the area... and the sun is shining! Have a great Saturday!

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  1. We have done six trips around Eastern Europe from Estonia to Bulgaria. FYI when renting a car look carefully at your country list to see if you can take car across border. There is a list with each rental company that says what the "Green Card" will allow countries to visit. You may need to change cars to visit other countries. Just like Mexico you have to buy additional insurance at the border to visit Kosovo. We have used Sixt for many rentals but they have country restrictions based on the country you rent in. It works best if you can return car to same country and then take rail, bus, or flight to next place to rent again. When you go to Albanina visit the UNESCO city of Berat. There are 700,000 bunkers across Albania from the Communist era. Go to Northern Macedonia and stay in the Ohrid on Lake Orhid. There are national parks with great hiking in Northern Macedonia. Consider visiting North
    Central Greece and see the cliff top monastries of Metora. We look froward to reading of your European adventure in a rental car or RV.

    1. Thank you for the advice. We are well aware of the car rental rules over in Europe as we have rented a number of cars over our last few visits and no that not every country has the same rules and regulations but it is definitely something to be well aware of.

      As it stands now, we won't be doing many of these countries until we have our new motorhome sometime next March. We will certainly keep these places that you have mentioned in mind when we do eventually travel to those areas.

  2. Sit down, buckle up and then hang on! The Read’s will be off to Europe tomorrow!

    Safe travels and fingers crossed that the second wave proves uneventful.

    1. Yep, we sure are! And boy are you in for some interesting reading. :-)

  3. Good luck for your travels hope all goes well. Stay well travel safe.

    1. We hope our travels go well too, although there are some changes. You will be able to read about them in today's blog post once Kevin gets it posted.

  4. What gorgeous colours of the countryside! And what a pretty photo of the steamships on Lake Muskoka! Have a good Thanksgiving weekend and safe travel across the Atlantic! Take care!

    1. It really is a beautiful time of the year up here in "cottage" country!

      We had a great Thanksgiving dinner with our children and grandchildren. It was a wonderful way to end our time here in Ontario. We hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend too. :-)

  5. I love the fall foliage photos with the reds, yellows, and oranges. What a spectacular send-off as you begin your new adventure!

    1. Yes, the colours are absolutely beautiful at the moment. I think it will be the last good weekend for the fall colours though. This weekend was certainly a wonderful way to end our time here in Ontario. :-)

  6. Replies
    1. No we did not! And I am glad that we didn't. Yesterday was a record turnout of people in Algonquin and they actually had to stop people from passing through. Our daughter drove through there yesterday in order to come up and see us and her brother and she said it was nuts! I am sure it would have been a beautiful drive if it we had done the drive during the middle of the week though.

  7. The foliage there is just gorgeous! We are just starting to see color in North Carolina. The marijuana drink sounds interesting. Never heard of that!

    1. The colours are definitely at their prime right now and this is a great area to see the fall colours. I have to say that we really love this time of the year here in Ontario.

      It tasted just like sparkling water with a hint of grapefruit. And, of course you most haven't heard of it because it wouldn't be legal in the States. They have only just come out within the last six months or so in Canada and they are very regulated.


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