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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lots of wildlife around Gardiner, MT

We spent the morning waiting for the rain to let up. Fortunately, we have a fast free WiFi connection from where we are parked opposite the Gardiner Library. We used some of that time to do a bit of research on our upcoming drive across Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan during the month of July.

Then, I spent 45 minutes on hold waiting for a live person at Saskatchewan Government Insurance. When I got connected, I was number 43 in the queue. Usually, they are really fast so I don't know what happened yesterday. I renewed the motorhome for another month.

I also tried to fix our oven. That didn't go so well.

Ruth had been having a hard time lighting the pilot light, and then lately the burner wouldn't come on when it was supposed to. Long story short, I broke the sensor that is part of the burner safety valve. And of course it's a discontinued service part. There might be a replacement that's close enough to work, and I sent an email to the manufacturer to ask. But I'm not confident that it's going to be repairable.

At one point, Ruth looked out her side of the window and spotted a coyote up on the hill behind us. I went out and took a few shots with the zoom lens.

It was a soup kind of a day so Ruth heated up some beef soup that she had in the freezer. It was delicious. Then, we went for a walk. We managed to do about 7 kms (4 miles) before it started spitting with rain again, but overall the day turned out better than what they had forecast.

Baby elk.

The Yellowstone River in Gardiner, MT.

Out for a walk.

Spring cactus flower.

A Hoary Marmot, we think!

We also saw a badger. You don't see them very often, and by the time I got the camera out he was out of range. 

Near Gardiner.

A fresh dusting of snow on Electric Peak.

Scenery along the way.

Looking back at Gardiner.

Today, we are heading up to the Beartooth Highway. We might stay up there for a night if we can find a good spot! Supposed to be a high of 46F (8C) and a low of 35F (2C) today up there! On June 30th!


And in Canada...


  1. "Not sure what this fellow is!"
    Likely a Marmot. they like to live in the rock piles.

    1. You are far too fast for us! I was already changing what Kevin had said to a Hoary Marmot but you got your comment in before I had completed the change. Thanks for confirming that for us though. :-)

    2. Yeah, there cute little critters and can be quite tame in areas around people.

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, we figured that out but you and mrdsee468 were really fast with your comments, thanks for the confirmation. :-)

  3. Must be a cousin to the marmots we saw yesterday in Colorado.

  4. I would hope an RV supply/repair shop on your way somewhere would have a temporary fix for your oven.

    1. I sincerely doubt it. The part it needs is obsolete and I don't know how they would rig something together. But I will stop in as we go along if I see a place.

  5. Wish Ottawa could send you some of our heat! The temp hasn't been too bad but the humidity is high and the temp is graduallly going up to 32 (89.6) on Thurs.
    Tomorrow is Canada Day but not much in the way of celebrations!

    1. You don't need to send us any of Ottawa's weather, we are going to have hot weather once we hit South Dakota and that won't be long from now.

      Yeah, it is going to be a bit of a weird Canada Day in Ottawa that is for sure!

  6. You might be finding 30-40mph (or higher) winds at the pass on Wednesday. Here is a link to weather forecasts for Druid Peak at about 9500':
    This is lower than the pass. Druid Peak is just north of Lamar Valley.
    I tried to find the weather for one of the peaks at the pass but couldn't. Druid Peak should be pretty close to the weather you will find at the pass.

    1. We did the drive and there was only a bit of the drive where we had to contend with the wind, and luckily it wasn't too bad. Thanks for the warning. :-)


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