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Monday, June 22, 2020

Camped only 3 miles from Canada

Pouring rain Sunday morning in Libby, Montana. When it finally let up around 10:00am, we said goodbye to Bob and Denise again. But we will probably see them in August or September in Ontario!

We went for a walk around "dowtown" Libby just to stretch our legs before driving to our next spot. Not much to see in downtown, but then again it was a Sunday so things were pretty quiet.

When we got back to Sherman it was almost lunchtime so we decided to have lunch there before heading out. A bit of a late start for us, but we don't like driving in the rain if we don't have to so we were hoping things would clear up like they were forecast to do.

I'm not a fisherman. 
Must be beginner's luck!

We headed north on scenic highway 37 that follows the Kootenai River. And yes, it's a beautiful drive but the paved road is in need of re-paving! Not sure I would repeat that drive until they fix the road.

But as I said, it is a beautiful drive.

We stopped at the Libby Dam for a few minutes. 

A little bit of blue sky.

There's our road on the right.

This road has a 70 mph (112 km/h) speed limit.

Good thing there was no traffic because the road is on such bad shape I had a tough time doing much more than 45 mph, and often down to 35 mph.

Hardly any traffic.
But the clouds don't look good.

As we were getting close to our planned destination, the skies opened up and it poured buckets of rain. Then once we got parked up, the blue sky and sunshine came out and it was a beautiful late afternoon and evening!

Sherman, free camping at GPS 48.96034, -115.15032

This is a fantastic boondocking spot located only 3 miles (5 kms) south of the Canadian border. There is lots of hiking and biking, and even a decent T-Mobile signal. We think we'll stay two nights!

Ruth, enjoying the sunshine!

Those mountains are in Canada!

However, while we are only 3 miles from the border, we are still 2,000 miles (and six weeks) from our actual border crossing. We have no desire to rush into Canada if we don't have to.

Today is forecast to be blue sky and sunshine with a high of 81F (27C). Beautiful day to do some hiking and biking!

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  1. That’s a part of Montana we haven’t seen; so pretty! Is your campsite owned by the Forestry Service? What is the name of that lake?

    1. We love this part of Montana but then we love the mountains!

      Where we were camped is government land and the National Forestry Service look after it. The lake is called Lake Koocanusa but in actual fact it is really just a lake that was formed by the damming of the Kootenay River.

  2. Do you still have your inflatable kayak? This looks like a good spot for it!

    1. Yes, we do still have it and yes, the thought had crossed our minds but for us to legally put it in the water in Montana we have to have it inspected by the government through their watercraft program and we haven't done that yet.


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