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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Even in town, you have to slow down for the deer

We left our spot near the Canadian border, and headed down to the town of Eureka (pop 1,100) where we wandered around a little outdoor museum and used a free dump station and filled our fresh water holding tank.

From there, we drove southeast on highway 93 towards Whitefish. Along the way were some National Forest Campgrounds. And also a lot of National Forest service roads, but it was tough to find somewhere to stay for the night without knowing for sure how far in there might be a suitable spot.

In fact, we stopped at one road where the entrance looked pretty narrow so I got out and walked it first. Sure enough, there would have been one usable site, but it wasn't ideal. I walked a bit further and came to a rickety old bridge that might have been good enough for a pickup truck, but I wouldn't have risked it with Sherman. So we carried on.

And the official National Forest campgrounds that used to be $10 USD a night, are now $16 USD per night. That's now $21.75 CAD which is too much to spend on a night of no hookups which means you never know what kind of generator the guy next to you is going to bring. We are kind of turned off of that idea, especially if we have to pay for it. No thanks.

Ruth and the caboose.

The first cabin ever built in Eureka, Montana.

Pretty butterfly.

Another day of mostly blue sky and sunshine.

Scenery along the way.

Old truck in a field.

Quite a few small lakes in this area.

We pulled in to Whitefish, MT (pop 7,900). It's a nice town that's busy in the winter with skiing, and busy in the summer because it's so close to Glacier National Park.

You have to slow down to let the deer cross the roads!

We drove over to the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge where I had read that they have a few electric sites for $10 a night, or just a place to park for $5 a night. There was only one other rig there and he was in the electric section. I wandered around looking for any signs or indication that we were supposed to leave money somewhere but there was nothing. Maybe they gave up on charging.

We went for a nice walk after supper. Of course it's light until after 10:00pm here, so it's really comfortable in the evening, especially since yesterday had been a warm day with a high around 86F (30C). 

They have a nice walking path by the river.

Pond with man made floating islands.

Kayaking at dusk.

Nice area.

We walked through the downtown area and the bars and restaurants were quite busy. Pretty much business as normal around here. We noticed the staff wearing masks, but none of the customers.

Downtown Whitefish.

Totally quiet night at the Moose Lodge.

Today, we may head into Glacier Park... we'll see how the weather goes because there are possible showers in the forecast.

Here is the route we have done since we entered Montana...

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