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Monday, June 1, 2020

May Expenses

Well, here we are in the month of June already!

May expenses have been tallied, and here are the final numbers... we spent a total of $2,116 CAD ($1,560 USD at today's exchange rates). Not bad, considering we bought a bunch of "stuff" including a new phone.

(Note the following figures are all in $CAD... for $USD equivalent, subtract about 30%)

Here's how it all broke down...

Gasoline: We spent $394 on gasoline.

Here is a very approximate map of our route during the month of May...

Propane: We topped up the propane tank at a relatively cheap price of $2.00 USD a gallon. That turned into $46 CAD.

Groceries: We did a big shop right towards the end of the month, but still... we believe that groceries in the U.S. are now more expensive than in Canada. We spent a total of $637 for the two of us. 

Alcohol: One of our highest months ever, at $301. We don't think we drank any more than usual, and we did a big $95 shop towards the end of the month. Going to have to cut back in June though. That is getting to be too much.

Miscellaneous: We spent $713, mostly on just "stuff" that we needed. I bought a new Motorola phone at $286, which if I get 4 years out of it like I did the Samsung I'll be totally happy. I bought a new folding step stool for $44 so I can clean Sherman's windshield. And some stuff for our cell booster antenna so that it will work better when we are out in the middle of nowhere. That was $48. I bought a new regulator for our Weber gas grill... that was a ridiculous $85, but you can only buy it from Weber, and it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a new grill. $72 for a new bike tire and tube. $34 on internet access. Man, it all adds up.

Entertainment: Nothing. 

Meals out: Nothing.

Overnight Camping: $25.20 for two nights of camping. 

Motorhome: Nothing. Good thing, because we spent a lot in April. And June is not off to a good start! More on that story in the next blog post.

So, $2,116 CAD ($1,560 USD) which is really not bad all things considered.


  1. $74.00 for a bike tyre?.....YIKES!.....I do believe you could get a whole bike or two at a thrift shop for that amount....What do I know?...I've carried a spare bike tyre for years and never needed it..."That" must be the reason..eh?...

    1. $72, yes, expensive. However, the tire itself was $35 USD. The thorn proof inner tube was $12.95 USD. The tax was $4.05 USD for a total of $52 USD ($72 CAD).

  2. Just think your "rent" was $25 wow. I wish!

    1. Lol, I know and we have stayed in some beautiful places this past month. We will see if we can do better than that this month. :-)


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