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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

We hung around Gardiner

Which turned out to be not a bad thing. We kind of like the town and the area. Reminds us a little bit of Dawson City, Yukon!

But, had we known that the weather wasn't going to be nearly as bad as they forecast, we probably would have done things differently. Oh well!

When we woke up Monday morning and there was no precipitation, I checked the forecast again and they were sticking to their guns, but now they had pushed it off to late morning.

Bob and Denise stopped in to say hello, and we will meet up with them again tonight... we have a dinner date!

But for now, they wanted to continue on to Bozeman and do some shopping. Given the weather forecast, I didn't want to do any driving and was quite happy to sit in front of the library here in Gardiner.

A rain shower went through, and then Ruth and I decided to go for a walk before it really started coming down.

We headed up the hill trying to find the old Yellowstone River Trail. 

The entrance was supposed to be behind the Mormon church, but there were signs there saying it was private property, despite the obvious trail.

We think this guy is building a rental tepee campground.

We eventually found another trail and were quite happily trekking along when we came to a sign...

Nope. I guess we can't go this way.

Looks like it would have been a nice hike.

So we turned around and started heading back towards town.

Just as we got back on the dirt road, a pickup truck stopped and asked if we were looking for the Yellowstone River Trail. Had a nice conversation with this local guy. He explained that the old access had been down by the Mormon church but they closed it off about 10 years ago. Now, you have to access it across from the upper forest service campground. It was too far away to walk, so we didn't bother. Plus, we wanted to get back to Sherman before it rained again.

Which it never did until about 4:00pm!

Nice old cars in the restaurant parking lot.

Good thing the bull rider has his mask on!

Restaurants are open.

A couple of European rigs.

The old Yellowstone Park Hotel.

Ruth at the entrance sign.

Not that busy on a Monday with a bad weather forecast.

And by supper time (when it was supposed to be raining!), the sun came out and we even had to open the window in the motorhome. Well, better that than the other way around I suppose.

This morning, we are driving into Bozeman to do a grocery shop and get gas, and then heading south about 18 miles (30 kms) to the Hyalite Reservoir. We won't likely have any internet access there, so you might not hear from us for a day or two if it's a nice spot.

Nice price drop on this 9' x 12' Reversible RV Patio Mat.

And in Canada...


  1. Heard that Utah had 10 cm. of snow!

    1. And to think K and R left Utah because of heat!

    2. Lol, yep the weather is crazy! We would rather have it too cool though, than too hot, at least we can still hike. It sure is hard to find somewhere that has that happy medium!

  2. Ontario is going to be open for business as of Friday, as long as you don't need to be in the GTA. They're still under conditions.

    1. Yes, we read about that the other day. Now if they can get rid of this 14 day quarantine for people coming in to Canada, we will be all set.

  3. You might like to check out the web page of one of those European RVs in your photo.

    1. Trust us, Kevin has already been on their website and reading all about the family and their adventures. Pretty interesting stuff!


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