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Saturday, June 20, 2020

You are in bear country!

We had a really nice day yesterday at our almost perfect campsite. Around 10:00am we set off on a hike through the forest, despite the fact that there were some ominous looking clouds. But hey, the weather forecast called for ZERO percent chance of rain, so who are we to argue with the experts?

At the trailhead, there are lots of signs warning about bear activity. We have experience hiking in bear country and so we were well prepared with both air horn and bear spray.

The trailhead parking has been very quiet, but just before we left three ladies and a dog showed up to go for a hike. They set off and we were about ten minutes behind them.

Looks like clear skies down at the lake, but we hardly saw the sun up on the mountain.

This flower reminded us of the trillium, which is common in Ontario, we believe it is a Gunnison's Mariposa Lily.

Scenery along the way.

We caught up to the 3 ladies who were stopped at the side of the trail photographing something. Their dog had sniffed out these baby birds, and was actually afraid of them. There were two alive and very healthy looking, and one dead one. No mother to be seen.

They blend into their surroundings well.

We believe these are Townsend's Solitaire chicks.

One section where there was a forest fire, probably within the last two years.

Tons of wildflowers!
It was almost as if someone plated a garden!

Through the burnt trees.

Squaw Grass.

Scenery along the way.

American kestrel.

We never did see any bears. It's kind of conflicting, because as much as you really want to see one, you really don't want to see one! Better to see one wander by while inside the motorhome.

However, we did see evidence of one...

Yep, there are definitely bears around!

Great views.

Almost back at the motorhome.

Still a nice day down at the lake.

We got back to Sherman at almost 1:30pm and had a late lunch. Then it started to pour with rain. We were lucky! So much for ZERO percent chance of rain! Of course to be fair, the forecast was for Lakeside... and perhaps it never did rain there.

We had done 7 miles (11.3 kms) with a 1,500' altitude change. Great hike!

We decided to stay at the campsite for a second night, and came down off the mountain at 6:30am this morning to beat any traffic that might be coming up the narrow dirt road.

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And in Canada...


  1. Know what you mean about seeing and meeting bears in the wild. We've had both while cycling in Algonquin Park. Prefer the Seeing from a distance.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying dry.

    It's about time.

    1. Agreed, seeing bears from a distance is definitely the way we want to see one. It is a little nerve racking when you see one out hiking and it isn't all that far away!

  2. What a GORGEOUS hike! Thanks for the beautiful photos. I am envious!

    1. It sure was. I wish that we would have continued up on the other trail that went to the look-off but it was still quite a ways and up a steeper grade and we had both had enough by that point. If I had made a lunch to bring with us then we probably would have.

  3. I would never have seen or recognized those chicks unless they were making noise or something........I learn a lot about birds and flora following along your blogs! ......why were they on the ground? Or is that there natural nesting area?

    1. We may have missed them too, it was three ladies and their dog that noticed them, actually it was the dog that noticed them first, then the ladies. Yes, the Townsend Solitaires normally nest on the ground although they have been known to nest in an old log or branch just above the ground.


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