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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Odd art around Lincoln, Montana

We headed out from the city of Great Falls before the wind picked up. We were on the road at 8:30am. Nice drive through rolling hills, but not much vegetation... and not many vehicles either!

We made it to the town of Lincoln (pop 1,100) where we stopped at the Forest Service office where there was a grizzly bear display, but unfortunately it was closed.

Leaving Great Falls, we saw this odd statue...

Look like a fish from a distance. But up close, it's a buffalo.
Okay then.
Some people have pretty vivid imaginations!

Here are some photos of our drive.

We are headed back towards the mountains.

No traffic.

We are glad that most people like the Interstate!

This is a little more scenic.

At the Forest Ranger station, we read the sign board and it said that there is a free forest walk called Blackfoot Pathways "Sculpture in the Wild". It turned out that it was located right across the highway, so we left Sherman where he was and walked across. Good thing we did too, because there wasn't really enough parking over there.

Ruth at the entrance.

This piece is called Montana Line Drawing.

I'm afraid that I am not the best person to be an art critic. Most of it, I just don't get. Some pieces I can look at and say that it's interesting. But most of it is just weird. And then when you read about what the artist was thinking when creating their masterpiece, you wonder if they are from another planet. Or maybe you are.

This is an old TeePee burner. Once used in the timber industry.
Now, apparently... it is a piece of art!

Gateway of Change.

Tree Circus.
Can you see me?

There I am again!

Picture Frame.

Ruth, standing in the middle of thePonderosa Whirlpool
I wonder if it's a vortex? Maybe you can hear an echo??

The exterior is made with charred pieces of logs.
I bet the artist got her hands dirty building this!

A Place is a Place is a Place.

The Bridge.

East West Passage.

Hill and Valley.
This was made with thousands of newspapers!

So, that was an odd hour or so wandering around. By the time we got to the entrance, the parking lot was full! Now as I said, it wasn't a very big parking lot but there were probably 20 cars or so.

From there, we went into the town of Lincoln and parked up at the school across from the library. Surprisingly, both the school and library had free unsecured WiFi. Thanks Lincoln! We had lunch there and went for a walk around town.

By this time, the wind had picked up to the point where I didn't want to do any more driving. I found a nearby rural road that led into a state lands area and we got ourselves parked up for the night.

Scenery along the way.

Yep, this will do for the night.

And it was fine, other than the motorized toys that drove by every five minutes. Maybe not that often, but it seemed like it! I can't believe how these toys are taking over the forest service roads and trails.

Can't say that we are overly impressed, although it is probably worse because it was a weekend.

Beautiful scenery though!

We are up early again and headed into the city of Missoula (pop 74,000). They are calling for showers on and off for the next couple of days with highs around 60F (15C) and lows around 47F (8C). A little below normal for this time of year.

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And in Canada...


  1. No offense toanyone, but I would prefer they ban those motorized vehicles from all state parks, national forests and parks. They stink, they're noisy and they scare off the wildlife. JMHO

    1. We would agree with you too Chris but we know that is n't going to happen. I think we are probably in the minority that would think that, judging by the amount of units out there.

  2. I just decided this has gone onto my bucket list.
    You're so close to Ringing Rock.
    Not the best vehicle for that road tho.

    1. So glad to hear that! We enjoyed Lincoln and the area, it is just too bad that we couldn't have hung around a little longer but the wind was going to be a problem and we didn't want that.

      You would be amazed as some of the roads that Sherman has traveled on but without knowing what that road was like firsthand we honestly can't say whether he could have done it or not. We will have to remember the Ringing Rocks next time we are in that area. :-)

  3. Loved that walk in the wild art show! Some very creative pieces from ordinary materials.... was most impressed by the Hill and Valley? .... done with the thousands of newspapers?! Another lovely free spot! Nice.

    1. It was a fun and interesting way to pass and hour or so. The setting of the sculpture park was really nice with all the tall pine trees around us.

      I think I like that one the best too. I can't imagine the amount of newspapers that were needed to complete that sculpture.


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