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Friday, April 19, 2013

Why are we up in the cold???

We've had some comments and emails recently from quite a few new readers asking why we're so far north in the cold when it looks like we don't really need to be.

So we just thought we would explain again, in a little more detail!

We've been traveling pretty much full time for almost six years now. When we sold our house and bought a motorhome, we were only 45 years old. That's pretty young to be considered "retired" and so we never put ourselves into that category.

We always figured we would go back to work at some point, and this past winter we came across an opportunity that we thought we would enjoy, that we thought we would be good at, and that would enable us to continue traveling more than not!

And so we accepted an offer to manage a campground in the middle of Saskatchewan, Canada!

Go to and click the drop down box where it says "Pick a Park". It's called Sturgeon Lake Regional Park.

It's a fairly small campground, with 35 sites. It's on a nice looking lake, with a beach and boat rentals, and apparently some pretty good fishing for those so inclined!

We have a five month contract, and we have to be there April 24th, rain, snow, or shine! We have a two bedroom "cabin" as part of our contract, so hopefully some of our friends and family will be able to visit over the next few months.

Hopefully some of our RV'ing friends will come camping for a day or two or more. We would LOVE to have visitors over the summer season, and as campground managers we guarantee you'll have a good time. Sorry, can't guarantee the weather though. Or the mosquitoes! But that's pretty typical for any campground. Either way, we would love to see you there and we look forward to telling you all about the place over the next few weeks.


  1. Not only is the town you are in, Circle, MT, in the middle of nowhere, but per Wikipedia, it and its 615 residents are the county seat of McCone County. The whole county appears to have less than 2000 residents. But I suspect where you are going is even less densely populated.

    1. Pretty much true Mike. But, we will be only 25 miles from a city of 35,000, the metropolis of Prince Albert, Sask.!

  2. You said you couldn't---but I think you can pretty much guarantee the mosquitoes :)

  3. Sounds like you gonna have a fun time summer, enjoy!
    Wish we could drop in.

  4. ...and PA even has a transit system! Oh Ah...
    This I know. Only because I've driven one of their old transit buses. Long story. I was young and foolish. (well, *more* foolish)
    Hope your travelling conditions improve. Driving in snow and such once in a while isn't so bad, but when it drags on it can get to be stressful.
    At this precise moment we're getting some hail/flurries here in Southern Ontario. And yesterday it was in the twenties.

    1. Luckily we only had the one day of bad driving. Hope your weather improves. Hard to believe it is April, the weather should really be better than this!

  5. Kevin and Ruth,
    Yesterday you wrote a bit about "being too young to be retired". That was six years ago.

    Now you are in your early 50s. Getting closer to those retirement years. Would you please share with us what your plans are for "funding" your retirement?

    Tu amigo,

    1. Hola Jorge!

      That's a good idea. We'll do a full blog post about that sometime over the next month when we're sitting in one spot with nothing exciting to write about!

  6. Here,s a though Kevin complete that book It will sell And welcome back to Canada wish the weather was a bit more welcoming but I,m certain with you,re personalaties and travel tales You just might inspire some almost convinced your truly just by your blog keep it up pl.


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