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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring skiing at Winter Park Resort

When we found out that we were going to be spring skiing at Winter Park Resort in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, we had visions of 60 degree temperatures and short sleeve shirts, and sitting on a patio in the sun while having a cold drink with our ski gear on.

It wasn't meant to be.

Instead, Winter Park Resort had their largest one day dumping of snow in over two years! It didn't stop snowing all day.

The view off our balcony when we woke up.

Fortunately, it wasn't cold. It wasn't even windy. It was the kind of snow that you expect on Christmas Eve. Big, heavy flakes just gently falling down to the ground. 

First on the agenda was to get our rental gear. They've got a really efficient set up here for processing the people. You fill out your own info at a computer station and then go to different booths for payment, boots, skis, and poles. Really quick, and we were in and out with our gear in a total of about 20 minutes.

Alan, helping Ruth get her rental skis.

Not busy on a Monday at this time of year. 

The resort's last skiing of the season is supposed to be this coming weekend. So while the weekends are fairly busy at this time of year, Monday's to Friday's are really the best days to hit the slopes. 

Kevin, getting his ski gear on.

Now, we have to tell you, we haven't been skiing in over ten years. And, we keep reminding ourselves that we're not 25 years old anymore. And, even when we were skiing several times each winter we were only ever intermediate skiers at best.

But it was always a goal to go skiing at a huge resort. The best eastern Canada can do is Mont Tremblant in the province of Quebec, and although it's a big enough place, it's not the Rocky Mountains.

But Winter Park Resort is huge. Today, there were 146 trails open, with 20 lifts running.

They even have trail maps on some of the lift chairs!

Heading up for our first run!

We have never skied in such thick powdery snow. Amazing! Even if you were nervous about falling, it wouldn't matter because your landing would be like falling into a soft fluffy marshmallow! There were times when the snow was up to my knees but the skis sliced through it with no problem at all.

Ruth, looking like the abominable snowman!

Tons of snow, and no lineups for the lifts. Heaven!

The snow just didn't stop falling. It's been many years since we've even seen snow like this. I would guess they got at least 12" (30 cm) today, and that's on top of the 18" (45 cm) they had in the last 72 hours. 

In fact, we had people who live here telling us this was the best snowfall they've had this year. Can we plan a spring skiing trip, or what??!!

It felt more like the middle of January than the middle of April. The road going from Denver to the resort was closed due to severe winter weather. And we don't know yet if we will be able to leave here Tuesday! There could be too much snow!

Our road has been closed!

Around this time, we were due for a break so we stopped at one of the lodges on the hill. What a beautiful building. 

Ruth, taking a break away from the snow.

You have to take a chairlift just to get to this lodge!

Kevin. With Ruth in the background!

By 4:00pm when the lifts closed, we were exhausted. It was time to relax in front of our fireplace and have a beer and a glass of wine. Oh, and jump in the HOT TUB!!

Relaxing in the hot tub. 

I just realized we haven't even told you about our room and accommodations here. What a great spot! It will have to wait until another post though. 

Time for was a very exhilarating and exhausting day!


  1. I was wondering about your accomodations. Looks like fun, here it is 40C the next three days. I wouldn't mind a little snow.

    1. And, we wouldn't mind a bit of sunshine and warm temperatures again! We could trade?!

  2. Looks like you guys are having to much fun:)

  3. Sure sounds like you has a perfect day for skiing then a great evening of relaxing too.

  4. You two do know how to enjoy life!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  5. I'm impressed that you even have the energy to write a post! Bit of a contrast to Mexico. Holy Moly!

    1. Have to admit, we were pretty tired at the end of the day. Yep, big difference between the two places. Hard to believe that is wasn't too long ago that we were in Mexico!

  6. Good for you. I have never skied in my life, and certainly wouldn't attempt it now. Did you fall down a lot, or was it like riding a bike?

    1. I fell down twice, Kevin didn't fall at all but he is a better skier than I am. Yes, it is sorta like riding a bike, you don't forget but the technique needs a little work.

  7. I've never skied. Just couldn't figure out why anybody would want to strap two boards on their feet and go out in the cold and snow. But my hubby and my son both love it. The no people around would have really made it perfect - I would have sat in the lodge by the fireplace.

    1. When you live in a cold climate you need something to do to help make the wintertime pass and skiing is one way to do it. We had fun skiing with our kids when they were much younger. I have to admit that it was lovely skiing on the big slopes with hardly anyone around, I knew then that I wouldn't take anyone out on my way down the slope!

  8. Wow and all that powder. You sure do have a knack for planning things and if the road doesn't open, oh well, just keep skiing.

    1. I don't know if our bodies could have taken two days in a row of skiing. We thought we were in good shape but after one day of skiing we were exhausted.

  9. Doesn't look like you'll be heading anywhere today or even tomorrow, so enjoy some more skiing and soaking in the hot tub!

    1. We were able to get out on Tuesday, there was a break in the weather overnight so we scooted out first thing in the morning but we weren't able to make it to our destination of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The I-25 was closed just after Fort Collins so we are staying put here for a day or two. And, the hotel here has a hot tub so maybe we will soak in that one.

  10. Bet you were the darkest tanned people there! Looks like fun, we love to ski the rocky mountains, and snow like that is extremely awesome!
    What's on the agenda tomorrow, more skiing???

    Do your legs hurt a little ? (grin)

    1. Couldn't tell if we were the darkest, everyone was bundled up in their winter clothes. Nope, no skiing, we have to start driving north again.

      Surprisingly enough we were hardly sore at all. We thought we were going to be though.


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