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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A meeting with the boss!

The original plan was that we would be going up to the campground where we're working for the summer on Wednesday. So yesterday morning I phoned the guy who is on the board of directors that we've been dealing with. Turns out he was on his way in to Saskatoon for the day on other business, and he suggested we meet for lunch.

We thought this was a great idea since the only discussion we've really had was during two phone calls that we conducted from Mexico and Guatemala! And a couple of emails. But this would give us an opportunity to get a little more info.

We had some other running around to do and Mark offered to take us out and play chauffeur and tour guide. Jean does accounting, so she stayed home to get some work done.

Crossing the South Saskatchewan River near downtown Saskatoon.

You can see from the pic above that even though the temperature isn't where it's supposed to be at this time of year, at least it was a sunny day!

Some of you asked about what time the camping season opens up here in the middle of the great white north! Well, a lot of places don't open until the Canadian May long weekend, which this year starts May 17. But usually the weather is decent enough by May 1st, it's just that this year spring is abnormally late!

We stopped at an Asian grocery store. What a lot of neat stuff they had there. We picked up a few items, and so did Mark as he was making us a stir fry dish for dinner.

And then we went to the north end of town and met with our boss. Nice guy, and we think we're going to get along fine. Found out a lot more info about the campground and our responsibilities and we can't wait to get up there and get started! They got the heat turned on at our cabin, and are doing some painting this week. Also, they're buying us a new refrigerator, new mattresses for the beds, and a new BBQ! Oh, and they've bought a used pickup truck for campground use as well. They've got brand new mowing equipment that was bought last year. And they're putting up a new maintenance garage this year, so we'll have some involvement in that project as well.

So, he suggested that we delay our arrival there until Friday. They're having a board of directors meeting up there on Friday evening, so we get to meet the rest of the group. There's another couple who run the gate and book in the campers, and other people who run the store and restaurant.

Our hosts Mark and Jean have no problem with us staying another couple of days, so that's what we'll do. 

Mark, the great chef at work!

The finished product!

It's another sunny day...all it needs is to warm up a couple more degrees. But, it's above freezing so a little more of the white crap is melting every day.

This morning, we're going out to pick up some supplies for Ruth's spaghetti sauce that she's making for dinner. We've got another blog reader living in Saskatoon who wants to meet us, so we invited her over for dinner tonight! We love meeting the people who read our blog!


  1. Thank you for the Canadian Camper info!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. Sounds like everything is coming together.
    Sure is fun meeting blog followers in your tours.

  3. You two are really experts at the couch surfing and now the summer job. Very nicely done it sounds like. Can't wait to hear about your job and see you in action.

    1. We can't wait to get up there and show everyone pictures of what our cabin and the campground look like and then show how it looks as the seasons progress.

  4. Looking forward to your adventures up north!

  5. Must be some campground that it has a board of directors and all that staff. Seems like you guys are going to have a great summer.
    Campfires with you telling of your travels sounds good.

    1. This is a regional park and is run by local people which make up the board of directors. So they are the ones that make the decisions on what needs to be done in the campground, ie...new buildings, equipment and such and the hiring of the staff. The campground only has 35 serviced sites so really not too big in that aspect.

  6. I hope you enjoy your new job. It doesn't really sound too much like work though, and that's a good thing.

  7. hope you two get to see some green stuff under all that white stuff... and soon!

    1. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long before we see the grass and the leaves.


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