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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stranded in Fort Collins!

When we woke up yesterday morning, we found out that they had opened the road leading back to Denver from Winter Park Resort. In fact, there was hardly a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining bright.

That would not last long though!

So we got packed up fairly quickly and hit the road just before 9:00am. Most of the traffic was headed in the opposite direction with people going to have a great day on the slopes with all of that fresh powdery snow!

The road was snow covered, but driving carefully with the little blue car, it was no problem.

For all you RV'ers out there...check out this guy boondocking!

Avalanche area!

Some backcountry skiers have already made tracks in the snow!

We may not like the cold, but the snow sure is pretty when it looks like this.

Winter scenery. 

But when we got to lower elevations and highway 40 connected with the was just a mess. Then, we got stuck behind a bunch of snow plows as well, so it was messy and slow going. Not a fun part of the drive. But, we were soon at the outskirts of Denver, and traffic was actually pretty good.

Messy drive in to Denver.

We made it around the west side of Denver, and were soon heading north to our destination at Cheyenne, Wyoming. Things were going pretty wasn't snowing although it was overcast, and traffic was moving along pretty good. Until we got close to Fort Collins, Colorado.

There, the signs over the highway said that the I-25 was closed towards the Wyoming border. So, we stopped at the tourist info welcome center and picked up some info on Fort Collins and somewhere to stay. We ended up at the "Plaza Hotel", the cheapest place we could find to sleep...for $39 a night!

Road closed!

Then we drove into Fort Collins to wander around. It's a nice town. Not really a town, with a population of 146,000 people, but the downtown area still has a "town" feel to it.

Ruth, at the bike library, where you can check out a bike. Not really bike riding weather!

Fort Collins occasionally gets snow in April, but not this much!

Three days ago, there was no snow on the ground!

I guess this bicycle owner decided to take the bus home!

And so we're stuck in Fort Collins. This morning, the I-25 is showing as being open, but only as far as Cheyenne which is about 40 miles away. So even if we do get on the road, that's as far as we're going. There's still a major storm happening north of Cheyenne, so the only real benefit would be that we have a couchsurfing host lined up in Cheyenne.

Not sure what we're gonna do.

Yesterday's drive, 127 miles (203 kms).


  1. So many times I have been trapped in Cheyenne due to road closures!! When I was trucking that is, where are you crossing, you can skirt around the storm, maybe! Usually best off to wait it out, Wy. hwy folks are pretty quick at getting the roads open, might want to consider staying on the big roads.(Interstate) Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Juan! I think we're going to hang out here for the day. Lots of breweries to tour in Fort Collins!

    2. Would love to try a FAT Tire! Unfortunately, the New Belgium Brewing company is closed to visitors today! Going to Odell Brewing instead.

  2. Sure looks pretty from where I sit on St George island in Florida. But snow in mid April? Really?? And that much snow. Good grief. You guys seem to be taking it all in stride, carry on!!

    1. It really is pretty! We just wish that we weren't caught up in it. Here, we were thinking that we were going to miss winter, oh well, life goes on and we are just going to go with the flow.

  3. When we lived in Billings, MT Jim got most of his parts deliveries out of Denver and that road is often closed in the winter. I agree with John - Wyoming is fast about getting the roads cleared. They do a great job. At least on the interstate. The breweries sound like a good way to pass the time.

    1. Well, there is nothing that we can do about the weather or the roads so when life hands you some lemons than we will just make some lemonade (or is that beer) with it, we enjoyed a brewery tour today.

  4. Ft. Collins is often rated as one of the best towns in the US to live in - often coming in at number one. I think maybe the breweries have something to do with that. It is not unusual at all to see heavy snow in that area at this time of year. I was also a trucker who spent time waiting in various places in WY and CO. Way back in the 70s I was part of the crew that built the sewer treatment plant in Ft. Collins - spent a lot of time their....B

    1. We can see why it is rated so high. It is a really nice city with lots of outdoor activities that we love. We will be back again sometime when we can do some hiking in the area.

      Looks like the highway should be open tomorrow morning and in better condition than it was reported to have been this morning. Having to be stuck somewhere, this isn't a bad place to be stuck.

  5. Good plan, hang out and sample beer, Thats my kinda being stranded.
    I really enjoy Fat Tire.
    The roads will be better someday!

    1. Yep, stopped by a brewery and Kevin got his sample but it wasn't Fat Tire, the New Belgium Brewing Company was closed today.

      Looking like the road will be open tomorrow morning.

  6. Oh, such beautiful scenery, but a little hard to take after Mexico! Renate, Terri, Mike and I left SMA yesterday and stayed in Matehuala. Renate and I are staying another night here - but Terri and Mike left this morning to connect with "birding" friends, Blevin and Janell, in Texas. It's hot here and Renate and I have the whole Las Palmas RV Park to ourselves! We'll be crossing into the US on Saturday or Sunday at the Solidarity Bridge outside of Nuevo Laredo. Hope the weather clears for you - enjoy.

    1. Yes, it is a little hard to take after all the beautiful weather we had in Mexico but it is so pretty never the less.

      Are you going to go to Real de Catorce while you are in Matehuala? It is a do not miss town to see. You can get a bus from the bus station in Matehuala and it will be a little cooler up there. It's a beautiful mining town that is only accessible by an almost 2 mile long tunnel. A definite must see.

  7. This will be a good story to share with Cameron down the road.


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