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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Albuquerque Aquarium and Botanic Garden

These popular Albuquerque attractions are part of the "ABQ BioPark" which also runs the local Zoo and Tingley Beach. There's a $12.50 ticket that allows you admission to both the Aquarium and the Botanic Garden and it's especially worth a day out if you've got children.

The Albuquerque Aquarium is relatively small if you compare it to something like Chicago's huge Shedd Aquarium. But it's really well done with sections that allow you to spend a lot of time looking at the fish that are swimming around the sunken ship, or the Salt Marsh, or the new Coral Reef exhibit. Our favorite was actually the jellyfish exhibit!

These are called Lookdown Fish!

Lots of stingrays!

Seahorses! What funny looking creatures!

But most amazing is the Japanese Sea Nettle jellyfish. It's almost mesmerizing to watch it float around.

Adult admission to the aquarium is $12.50, but that included admission to the botanic garden. We were surprised to have finished the aquarium in a fairly short period of time, but we probably would have stayed watching the exhibits longer if we had children with us. Kids really seemed to be getting a kick out of watching the fish, and some of the aquariums have floor to ceiling viewing areas. The new Pacific Coral Reef exhibit has only just been opened to the public, and the official grand opening is coming up on April 12th.

So then we wandered to the Botanic Garden next door.

A children's area where everything is giant sized...except for you! It was kind of fun and we can see where children would really enjoy it.

And then another section with "Garden Railway" with miniature figurines and structures. The train is only running Wednesday through Sunday though, so plan your visit accordingly!

The miniature stuff is really well done though!

Really pretty looking over the pond to the conservatory.

Lots of flowers and greenery inside the conservatory.

Nice photo. We hope everyone else in North America is also enjoying spring flowers!!!

You can plan your visit to the Albuquerque BioPark here...


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