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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We have been to Aguascalientes before, but we wanted to see some more. Plus, we wanted to try and visit the huge Nissan factory on the outskirts of town. So, we set the alarm for 6:00am yesterday morning to try and get an early start for leaving from Hacienda Contreras.

But when you set the alarm, you have to turn it on...which I forgot to do!

So at 6:30am, I was lying there thinking it mustn't be 6:00am yet because the alarm hadn't gone off. I glanced at the clock and jumped out of bed!

Long story short, it was almost 8:30am before we said goodbye to all of our friends and pulled out for the long drive north.

Pork chops anyone?

Scenery along the road.

The Nissan factory is on the southern outskirts of Aguascalientes so we pulled up to that area at close to 1:00pm. There were several different entrances to the factory, but none of them were marked "visitors". There was a lot of traffic, and eventually we just gave up and carried on into the city. We parked at the Hotel Medrano which also allows RV parking and we has stayed there overnight with Sherman a couple of years ago. I asked the security guard of we could park the car for a few hours and she said no problem so we walked from there into the center...about 20 minutes.

A beautiful day at the central plaza.

The church in the central plaza.

Lots of nice parks.

These fun little statues are all over the central area to advertise bike paths!


We had made plans to stay with a young couchsurfing couple on the north side of town. They had made a suggestion that we should try and take the tourist bus so we went to the central plaza to make arrangements. Found the bus, and bought our tickets for the 4:00pm tour. 30 pesos ($2.55) each.

There's our tour bus!

Closest we've ever been to a full size tiger! There was a cage driving around the central plaza advertising a circus in town. The poor guy didn't even seem to care about the people only a few feet away.

It was hard to get pictures from the tour bus, but I did get one of a nice church!

Our couchsurfing hosts, Paola and Armando, weren't expected home until almost 6:00pm so we showed up at their place around that time. Ruth had brought pasta and sauce and they supplied a salad and beverages and we all had a nice meal together.

Ruth, Paola, Kevin, Armando.

Only a short visit with these nice folks and then this morning we're up early again to head further north!


  1. Sounds like you recovered well from over sleeping. Very interesting that you stayed with a couchsurfing couple. I have heard of that. Seems to work! Nice pictures of the beautiful town!

    1. We have used couchsurfing quite a bit and love it as we are able to stay with locals and get a better feel for the culture and the area where we are visiting.

  2. It took a while, but it looks like NAFTA may have really boosted Mexico's economy. I was in Mexico a lot in the 1980's and it looked completely antiquated compared to all the pics I've seen from you guys.

    1. Mexico is definitely not a third world country anymore. Some stuff still seems a little backwards but some things are very advanced. The city of Aguascalientes is a very modern city and we are surprised that there aren't more "grino" tourists visiting this city, it's very clean, and has many beautiful hotels and restaurants but I guess because it's not on a beach it's not on the radar.

  3. Does the Nissan factory give out free samples??? ;c)

    1. Wish there was a "like" button for our comments. That is a good one!

  4. I like that, "free samples". I got a request from a CS last week, turns out they couldn't get time off. Have fun!

    1. Yep, we wouldn't mind a free sample either.

      Too bad the couchsurfer couldn't make it, I am sure you will get more requests. We always have a great time with the couchsurfers we have been with, as you know.


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