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Monday, April 15, 2013

Snow, cold,...and a great dinner out!

We didn't have much in the way of a lunch yesterday, so after we got ourselves settled at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge we were about ready for an early supper.

Turns out that the lodge supplies a shuttle bus service to the nearby towns of Winter Park and Fraser and so the little blue car can stay out of the snow in the heated underground parking garage that belongs to the lodge.

View out our window.

Our friend Kent in Denver had been a full time ski instructor up here at Winter Park Resort for a long time and so he knows the area well. He said we had to go see Shawn and Cindy over at Fontenot's Fresh Seafood and Grill and so we figured a good meal would hit the spot.

And it did.

Our regular readers know that we don't do restaurants very often. We're often left with the feeling that the meal was just "okay". Plus, Ruth is a great cook and we like our own cooking.

Fontenot's at Winter Park.

But Fontenot's has a very different menu and we don't mind trying different things. They specialize in Cajun and Louisiana style cooking and there are some different items on the menu.

Ruth chose the "Chicken Toulouse", and I had the "Southwestern Cobb" salad.

Dinner is served!

My mouth is watering again just looking at the pictures!

My Southwestern Cobb Salad: Grilled chicken breast, roasted corn pico de gallo, avocado, bacon, cheddar jack cheese, a boiled egg, and a homemade blue cheese dressing.

Ruth's Chicken Toulouse: Blackened chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, spinach, in a spicy vodka cream sauce with a cheesy mashed potato pancake.

Mine was really good. Exactly what I expected, and I enjoyed the meal. Ruth actually said that her meal was one of the best restaurant meals she's ever had!

I had a draft beer, and Ruth had a cocktail. They were from the happy hour menu, so it pays to show up between 4:00pm and 6:00pm! Total bill including tax and tip would have been around $50. 

Shawn and Cindy at Fontenot's Restaurant. 

From there, we had to pick up a couple of groceries and we figured we could walk to the grocery store. But first, we had to learn how to walk on an icy sidewalk again. it's been a while!

The middle of April?? You would think it's the middle of January!

Yup. 27F (-3C). With a bit of a breeze. Brrr.

But, we are here to go skiing, and ski we will! It's been over ten years since we've strapped the boards to our feet, so we're excited about it! It's snowing again this morning, so the conditions should be about perfect! 


  1. Such great food in Colorado - we had quite a few meals out and we're never disappointed! Glad you gave it a try!

    Have a fun skiing day!

  2. The meal looks pretty good, and the snow? Well its snow I guess you need it to go skiing, have fun.

  3. I'm with you about often being disappointed with restaurants. But it sounds like your money was well spent. Now that's fun! Amazing to see you in the snow after always seeing you in Mexico. Have fun on skis. Is it like riding a bicycle? You never forget? Please don't break anything.

    1. It really was a great meal. I really wanted the recipe!

      It is pretty funny to think of us in the snow, especially when we try so hard to stay places that are warm just to avoid it. We had a great time and you are right it is like riding a bike.

  4. Excellent looking food! I mad better at après ski!

  5. So glad you are enjoying Colorado, you are in one of our favorite spots. Winter is still hanging on here in the midwest too. Its the first time we had to clear away snow to get our leveling jacks down.

    1. We have fallen in love with Colorado too and we have only seen a little bit of it. We will certainly be back this way with Sherman some other time when the weather is just a little bit nicer. There is so much beautiful hiking to be done here.

      The weather seems to be crazy everywhere this spring!

  6. The food sure looked interesting, but the price sure didn't. ;)

    1. Considering that we are in a very touristy area where you are in the middle of nowhere and that the quality of the food was excellent, we think it is pretty good value.

  7. The food looks great. So, it "would have been" $50 - did you make a deal?

    1. Yes, we got a deal (2 for 1). Our friend, Kent in Denver knows the owners and has done lots of work for them and he put in a good word for us. Having said that, the meal was worth the $50, both our plates were clean when we finished and we had nice full tummies!


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