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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More to see and do in the Albuquerque area!

But the weather was not co-operating as well as it could. Not really hampering our activities, although it was a lot colder yesterday than what we're used to!

As my father once said... "the only thing you can change about the weather is your attitude towards it."

And so when we were sitting having our coffee yesterday morning and the snow flurries started, we figured out our plan for the day.

Kinda tough to see the snowflakes in the photo, but it was definitely snowing!

Our hot air balloon ride was once again cancelled, so we figured we would go learn about them. You can read our report on the Albuquerque Balloon Museum here...

When we were done there, we drove to Petroglyph National Monument.

This is an area just on the western outskirts of the city where there are hundreds of engravings done in the volcanic rocks. They think these engravings are between 300-700 years old, with some of them done by natives and some done more recently by Spanish settlers.

We did a two mile hike in the area.

Kevin, standing beside our first sighting! Notice my was chilly!

Here's another. They actually look a little better from a distance.

Umm. This one is more recent. Feb 22, 1919. Either way, it's still a petroglyph, and part of the protected history.

Looks like an alien to me.

Okay, now I'm sure it's aliens. Or, it was done by someone who had seen aliens!

Bart Simpson, maybe?

It's just me, but I think they're reading too much into this stuff. In doing some research into these etchings, I find that they have no idea what they were supposed to mean, or why they were done. 

We had a nice 2 mile hike, but the actual petroglyphs themselves didn't do anything for me.

Heading back to the little blue car.

Then we went to an area called "Nob Hill". This is an area that is part of the historic Route 66 and its "hippest and funkiest retail and entertainment district".

And it is!

Funky van.

The Two Fools Tavern!

Masks and More! What a fun store! Lots of stuff related to Dia de los Muertos. (Day of the Dead).

It was cold in Albuquerque, but it was even colder up in the mountains! Look at the snow!

We had found a little Thai food restaurant online and it was in the same Nob Hill neighbourhood. It opened at 5:00pm and we were the first customers. Had a GREAT meal, didn't order any drinks, and the total bill was $23.00 including tax and tip. Kelly was a great waitress, knew the menu inside out, and was talkative and friendly. Yes, she got her 20%! And, the meal was delicious. We each had a different type of curry dish with rice. No problem recommending the SalaThai restaurant in Albuquerque.

SalaThai at 3619 Copper Ave NE

I wanted to see the Isotopes baseball game, so we drove over to the stadium in time for the 6:35pm start. But it was not to be! Cancelled due to the weather!

Oh well, so we simply went back home. Possible good news when we arrived there though. An email from World Balloon Company saying that we're on schedule for Wednesday morning! So hopefully we'll have a full report for you later today!


  1. Always something there for you to do, enjoy the Ballon ride wednesday, can't wait for the pictures.

    1. Unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be, maybe another time.

  2. Hope the weather cooperates and your ride goes off w/o a hitch.
    Next time you are in our neck of the woods you'll have to visit the Cahokia mounds. Indian burial grounds and museum.

    1. I was going to say that we had seen Indian mounds before and after seeing the pyramids in Mexico they just don't compare but I googled Cahokia Indian mounds and think that maybe it is something that we would find interesting. We will try and remember that next time we are in your area. Thanks for the info.

  3. We also went out to the petroglyphs while we were there and wandered around. They were okay but we've seen more interesting ones in our travels. You've given me a bunch of things to see the next time we go to visit the kids. Usually we just see the kids but I am hoping to change that. We did go to the Atomic Museum there and I thought it as one of the best we've been to.

    1. So glad that we could help you out with some additional ideas of things to do with the grandchildren. Don't forget they also have a Zoo there but we just didn't have time to check it out. We saw the sign for the Atomic Museum, maybe we will have to check that out the next time we are in the area.


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