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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Antalya, Turkiye.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aguascalientes to Cuencame

We did 390 kms yesterday to the little town of Cuencame about 100 kms south of Torreon. We were up early with our couchsurfing hosts Paola and Armando so we were actually on the road by 6:30am!

Absolutely no problems on the drive and the roads were pretty quiet. The scenery in this part of Mexico is pretty boring, although you do come across the odd interesting thing.

Yesterday's drive, 390 kms. (242 miles).

Sunrise at 6:49am.

Bypassing the city of Zacatecas. Is that because we were mugged there once?! Nope...just not on our agenda this time around!

A huge Corona brewery!

This is why plastic bags should be banned!

Interesting landscape in Zacatecas near the Durango border.

Welcome to Durango!

We had done some research in advance and had found a little motel in the small city of Cuencame. We drove all the way through the town and didn't see it, but then turned around to go back through the other way and finally spotted it. 

Our motel. It's called the La Posta Inn, but there's only one small sign on the other side of the water tower.

The little blue car parked outside room 120.

Nothing special, but suitable for a night's sleep!

The guy who checked us in was pleasant enough, but the best part was the price at 240 pesos ($20.40) per night for two people, and the place has super fast wifi internet!

And the parking lot is big enough that I'm sure the guy wouldn't mind an RV stopping in for the night and if you paid him 100 pesos I bet it would include the internet passcode. We'll remember this spot if we come through with the motorhome at any time. GPS co-ordinates are 24.87702 -103.69896

We mostly stayed in the motel room on the internet, but did go out for an hour walk to explore the town. Not much to see, but a nice enough little town and the people were friendly, everybody saying "buenas tardes" (good afternoon). We spotted a restaurant that had chicken special yesterday so walked back there later for dinner. Ruth and I had a "roast chicken for two" plate, with salad, rice, beans, and tortillas. I had a beer and Ruth had a large glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Total bill including tip? 120 pesos ($10.20). I love Mexico!

Not the greatest sleep last night, but it was okay. This morning, we're headed for the city of Chihuahua for a two night stay. It's a bit of a drive (550 kms, 340 miles) so we better get going!


  1. I'm with you on the plastic bags. The city of Austin, Texas passed a law banning bags at stores as of March 1st. You just bring your own bags when you go shopping.

    1. Fort McMurray Alberta passed one a while ago - it works. I wish more cities would pass them.

    2. We totally agree! Even in Mexico we use our own cloth bags.

  2. I remember the same plastic bag problem on Crete, Grece. It's such an ugly sight.
    Looking forward tomyourbreport from chihuahua!


  3. You have a long drive ahead of you today hope all goes well and safe.

  4. Nice to read more on your adventures, miss you guys already! Have a Great trip!

    -Paola & Armando

    1. We had such a good time with you two, sorry it wasn't a longer visit. Looking forward to meeting up with you in Denver though, Armando.

  5. You sound just like us, even when we are not in the motorhome we are constantly on the lookout for free or cheap overnight spots !

  6. Nice, my wife is from Reyes, Durango (East of Juan Aldama) - you were quite close - I miss going down there, it was getting dicey for awhile, but recent reports are telling me things are much quieter now.

    1. We find that the media reports in both Canada and the States are not kind to Mexico. As in most countries you have to be careful and aware of your surroundings and normally you wouldn't have a problem. Most of the issues were related to the drug trade and the cartels so if you aren't involved with them then it shouldn't be an problem. The media always find the bad, too bad they don't show you all the good things. Hope you made it back to that area.


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