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Monday, April 8, 2013

Albuquerque Rattlesnake Museum

Okay, this was different. And a lot of fun!

In "old town" Albuquerque there is a museum officially called the American International Rattlesnake Museum!

We love quirky things and this definitely falls in to that category!

Ruth, about to enter the Rattlesnake Museum!

They don't only have rattlesnakes here, they have everything in the world that is related to rattlesnakes! Everything from trinkets to toys to t-shirt to baseball gear (The Arizona Diamondbacks!) and anything else. If it's related to a rattlesnake, they've got it here.

This is just a rock. Painted like a snake!

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. When threatened, it will make every effort to retreat!

The Northwestern Neo-Tropical Rattlesnake. The natural range for this species is in Mexico! It can be found in Guerrero, Michoacan, Morelos, and Oaxaca!

Here's an 18 second video showing a Red Diamond Rattlesnake. This fellow was pretty curious, and we think he wanted out!

Here's museum director Bob Meyers. How many times has he been bitten by a rattlesnake?

Only once!

We had a fun time spending about an hour learning about rattlesnakes. Bob has been in the rattlesnake museum business since May 5, 1990! He's looking to expand, so if any of you millionaires out there want to sponsor a large rattlesnake museum give Bob a shout! You could probably have your name on the sign!


  1. As much as I don't like snakes that is just the kind of place that would appeal to me. Next time we visit our kids there we'll have to make a visit.

    1. We think it is a must see, especially with children. It was set up very well with lots of interesting things to see, and the snakes were an added plus! :)


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