Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Rhede, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're off!

We're off on another road trip! We're up early this morning and heading for Ontario.

We'll take the next three or four weeks and drive from Kentville, Nova Scotia to the small village of Galetta, Ontario just outside of Ottawa. Looking forward to exploring the coast of Maine, and the hills of New Hampshire and Vermont. Total distance of about 1,675 kms (1,038 miles).

Our approximate route


  1. Oh lucky you! I had hoped to see Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine this summer but somehow ended up in Michigan and soon Pennsylvania. Hope you have a great trip - I'll definitely be going along via "blog land" with you.

  2. Such beautiful countryside thru New England enjoy the tour! Safe travels.

  3. We will be looking forward to your wonderful pics and great stories of your travels to the New England states....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. *sigh*
    I love New England.

    My guess is you won't be doing the ferry thing out of Digby? We only did that once 'cause we had some time constraints. Hate those time constraints.

    Have fun.

  5. What a glorious trip this will be. Should be lots of wonderful pictures for us to see.

  6. wow good for you guys are you thru the moncton area yet???? We live there...

  7. you will love Maine and NH area....we try to run there every couple of years...

  8. With thr price of gas here I wish they still ran that ferry out of Digby!

    We arrived in NS a couple days ago and will stay for a week or so and then will be following a similar route as we head to Ontario as well. Looking forward to seeing what great spots you find on the way and the cheaper gas and groceries again. We have been spoiled with our travels through the US and it was a shock to get groceries here where lobster is cheaper then milk!!!

    Safe travels :)

  9. Margie and Roger...Sorry you are missing out on your trip to the east coast. We will try to do our best to show you some of the sights. Maybe next year you will make the trip. Still, it sounds like you are having fun in Michigan and I know you will enjoy Pennsylvania too.

    George and Suzie...Yes, there will be some beautiful scenery.

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks!

    Karen and Steve...We will do our best to show you the beautiful scenery of New England.

    Karen and Al...Neither can we.

    Bob...The ferry to Bar Harbor has stopped running and the one to Saint John is just too expensive.

    Jim and Sandie...We will do our best.

    Rick and Elaine...Kevin sent you an email. Would be nice to meet up.

    Brooke...They stopped with the ferry to Bar Harbor but the one to Saint John, NB is still running, but it is too expensive. Kevin worked it out moneywise with the price of gas and it still works out cheaper to drive around. Yep, we are looking forward to the cheaper living in the States. We have had sticker shock ever since we arrived back in Canada. We will try to remember to put the GPS location in at each of our stops. Enjoy your time in Nova Scotia and with your Mom.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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