Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Rhede, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Papenburg, Germany.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Burlington, Vermont

We left the Maple Syrup farm yesterday morning and headed for the town of Montpelier. We had originally thought about finding somewhere to overnight there, but the town is not designed for RV's, and there's very little suitable parking.

So we went to the small Montpelier Walmart which is in a shopping mall on the outskirts. We took the little car into town and found a parking spot to wander around. Forgot the camera, so no pics of Montpelier! It's a busy town with lots of traffic, but we seem to find that just about everywhere. Still, it was nice wandering around the downtown section.

Back to Sherman and had some lunch. We decided to carry on to Burlington, VT. We have driven by Burlington before on the Interstate, but never seen the city. We found a large parking lot beside a college and asked if we could park there, but they said only during the day, not overnight. That was fine, we hopped in the little car again and explored. Nowhere near downtown suitable for parking either. They have a nice municipal campground on Lake Champlain, but it was full and too expensive for us anyhow. We saw a sign for a recreation center and ball diamonds and went to check them out for an overnight spot. But it was right in a residential area, so I was hesitant to even ask. Oh well, all they can say is "no", right?

But the guy running the place, Larry, said "sure, I don't see why not" and directed us to a nice shaded spot on the grass. Super nice guy, and he even made a couple of phone calls to make sure we were going to be okay there. Now that's hospitality! It's a nicer spot than most campgrounds, and guaranteed to be quieter too!

Sherman parked for the night.

We slept great last night. One of the things we wanted to do in Burlington was to take a bicycle ride on the waterfront bike path. Burlington has a really good bike path system. So after we got up, I went in and asked Larry if we could leave Sherman there for a couple of hours while we went for a bike ride. He says "sure" and even supplied us with a map of the bike path system. Did I mention that Larry is a super nice guy?

So we've already been for an 8 mile bike ride this morning!

North Beach, looking towards downtown Burlington

So now we're off to Plattsburgh, New York. We're pretty familiar with Plattsburgh because our son went to college there. 

Yesterday's drive, 65 miles (104 kms).


  1. That's not Larry the Cable Guy is it. Sure was thoughtful of him, and it look like a great spot, so shady and quiet. I've been to Burlingtom Iowa But not Burlinton Vermont.Let us know if your going to head west anytime soon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  2. So great to meet up with the Larrys of the world.

  3. Great pictures of the bike ride. When in Montpelier, did you happen to see the Capitol Building? It is on of the prettiest I have ever seen.

  4. Looks wonderful! I have a friend in Plattsburgh and another one near Burlington. On my list of places to visit very soon! Just gotta get back from Alaska. I love that you include the maps of where you are. Travel safe

  5. So glad that you are experiencing a lovely 'vacation'. Smooth sailing so to speak.

  6. Sounds like VT is a friendly place. Maybe we should add Burlington to our list of stops.

  7. Great photos... did you see the Capital Building in Montpelier. We did a tour of it and it was fantastic. One of the prettiest I've ever seen.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. Sam and Donna...He was a very helpful man, we appreciate everything he did for us. We'll let you know when we head out your way, should be sometime in September.

    George and Suzie...It was a beautiful spot and very, very quiet.

    Jim and Sandie...It sure is.

    catman...We really enjoyed our bike ride. Unfortunately we missed the capitol building. I saw the dome as we were driving into the downtown section of Montpelier but after wandering around the main street or so we headed back and I had forgotten all about that building. Looks like a real shame that we did. Next time!

    Malone...Plattsburg is OK to visit, but nothing spectacular but Burlington is very pretty down along the waterfront. We're enjoying your trip to Alaska, the pictures are fantastic. One day we will make it up there.

    Contessa...We've enjoyed our trip through the New England states, too bad it is so busy here though.

    Chuck and Anneke...I would definitely add Burlington and Montpelier to your list of places to visit when you come through this area in a week or so. Both are very pretty.

    Donna...Unfortunately we missed it! We also had Whiskey with us so I am sure that we wouldn't have been allowed in and we were in the car so we wouldn't have been able to leave her in the car as it was just too hot. We will have to catch that next time around.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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