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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Casco, Maine (day 2)

We relaxed for most of the day, until about 3:00pm when we left Whiskey behind to guard Sherman, and we took the little car into Portland, Maine.

Portland is the largest city in Maine, with a population of about 65,000, however the metro area is quite a bit larger. We had never been there before, plus we are baseball fans and the Red Sox Double A team, the Portland Sea Dogs have a home stand and we wanted to see a game.

It took us about 45 minutes to drive into the city, and we found a parking spot near the baseball stadium. we went and bought our tickets and then walked about a mile and a half to downtown and the wharf area. It really is a commercial district with not much to see, but lots of restaurants. We found a little Indian restaurant called "Passage to India". It was reasonably priced and the food was good. Total including our meals, two beers, tax and tip came to $42.35. (And, when we put prices up here, it is in U.S. dollars. Essentially, it is the same as Canadian however we do get a slight exchange rate benefit when we get our credit card statement in Canadian dollars.)

Ruth's meal was steaming hot when it showed up and still sizzling.

Near downtown Portland, Maine

Then we walked about a mile and a half back to the baseball stadium and arrived there about 6:30 with lots of time to spare for the 7:00pm start. Our son is a big Red Sox fan, and wanted us to buy him a Portland Sea Dogs fitted cap, so we went to the store at the stadium and got him one, and I got one too.

Portland Sea Dogs

It was a good crowd of 5,000 people in a stadium that seats 7,500 and the weather was perfect. It was really the first baseball game we've seen this year and we've been having a bit of baseball withdrawl since our son is now done college and isn't playing anymore.

Today we're heading into the White Mountains of New Hampshire. No idea where we'll end up for the night.


  1. 'take me out to the ballgame'!...thanks for the info on the other Portland!..love the hat logo!!!

  2. Nice to visit a small city once in a while and the ball game too. The meal looks yummy, I love Indian food.

  3. I like AAA ball to ,the Yankee team is in Scranton. I go when i visit there. Try to Get to Mt Washington and ride the cog train to the top. bring a winter jacket with you.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. See, you are having a good time in Maine. We love that State as well.

  5. buy me some peanuts & cracker jacks.... just continuing the song from Sue's comment. LOL
    Looks like you guys had great fun!
    Travel safe

  6. Minor league ball is the best. We have an A league team here and it is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. Next summer we will be traveling and hope to watch other minor league teams.

  7. Sue and Doug...They always play that song on the seventh inning stretch. Love it.

    George and Suzie...Love ballgames and love curry!

    Sam and Donna...We haven't been to a Scanton game but when Ottawa had a AAA team saw games where The Ottawa Lynx would play against Scanton. We did go to a Syracuse game once. Unfortunately we won't be going on the Cog Train, instead we want to hike up Mt. Washington, weather permitting.

    Kenny and Angela...Had a great time!

    Peter and Beatrix...We had a great time in Maine and would like to come back another time but not in high season, we really aren't enjoying all the crowds.

    Donna...We are thank you!

    Janie and John...I noticed that you are baseball fans. It is still one on the cheaper sports events to go to and because our son played baseball we really enjoy watching the games.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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