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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jasper Beach, Maine

When we arrived in Machias yesterday morning, it rained quite a bit. We parked up across from the laundromat, and I spent the morning on the internet while Ruth did some wash. It cleared up though, and we went for a walk around town.

Machias is a pretty little town of about 2,500 people. Quite a few spots where you could overnight in a motorhome here for free, including some spots that specifically say overnight parking is allowed. They don't specify RV's, but I don't see why they would need to.

Bad Little Falls in Machias, Maine

We left Sherman where he was and took the little car for a drive down to the ocean. Found a nice little parking area at Jasper Beach. It's a wide rocky beach, and not really on the tourist route. The parking area is a little small, not really room for a rig much bigger than Sherman, but there is another parking area for a few cars and I don't think it will be that busy here. No signs saying you can't camp or overnight here, so we headed back and picked up Sherman and brought him down here.

The fishing boats at Bucks Harbor along the road to Jasper Beach

The view from where we are parked at Jasper Beach

Boondocking at Jasper Beach (GPS 44.62794 -67.38884)
Had a good sleep last night! We think we might stay here another night!

Yesterday's drive 21.4 miles (34 kms)


  1. Wow what a great place to boondock... Loved the pictures!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. A very nice parking spot and a great view, enjoy the area!

  3. You are definitely finding some great places to park. Love the GPS coordinates. Maybe someday we'll get back out that way.

  4. Never been to Maine but I want to. Looks lovely.

  5. short travel day and a great spot to sit for a while..nice view!

  6. Great place. Hope we can stop there while we are in Maine next month.

  7. Another beautiful place. I can't wait to be on the road again.

  8. Donna...It was a great spot for a couple of nights.

    George and Suzie...Thanks!

    Dave...Thank you as well.

    Jim and Sandie...We like putting in the GPS coordinates to help out others looking for some good boondocking spots. Hope you can make it out here someday.

    Contessa...The whole east coast area is beautiful. Now we are in Maine though the traffic is getting busier.

    John and Ellen...We just hope it continues once we are in the more touristy areas.

    Sue and Doug...It was nice to not really do anything and just be lazy for a change.

    Chuck and Anneke...If you have any questions about any of the areas we were in, don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help anyway that we can.

    Janie and John...I am sure it won;t be long and you will be.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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