Our boondocking spot at dusk near Bridgeport, California.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Bishop, California.

Where are they going next? South, towards Death Valley National Park.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

Yesterday morning, we took the little car into Littleton, NH to try and find a better spot for Sherman so we could take the bikes for a ride, but didn't have any luck. Much of the town is built onto the side of a hill and there isn't a lot of suitable spots to park a motorhome in town.

So after lunch we carried on about 20 miles (32 kms) to the town of Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. Found a decent looking boondocking spot beside a community baseball diamond, and took the little car into downtown. Not anything special to see there, but took a walk around with Whiskey and then headed back to Sherman. Later in the afternoon, a local police cruiser came through the parking lot and I flagged him down and just confirmed that we were okay to park there for the night. He just kind of shrugged his shoulders like he didn't care and said it was okay.

Parked up at the ball diamond with a storm coming (GPS 44.42416 -72.00891)

After the storm was a nice rainbow

We had a nice summer thunderstorm go through and things cooled off. Then we took Whiskey for a walk along the river opposite the ball diamonds.

Yesterday's drive, only 20 miles (32 kms)

We are touring the Cabot Cheese Factory this morning....should be interesting!


  1. You really need to find a maple syrup sugarhouse. We really found it interesting when we were there. Love the rainbow. Great picture.

  2. I didn't see any rv parking at Cabot Cheese last year. As I recall the parking lot for cars was small with a steep entrance. Guess you will be unhooking the car. It's easy to spend lots of money there because they have a big selection of their cheeses in their store. The good thing though is the abundance of free samples. Really liked the rainbow picture. Great lighting contrasts.

  3. You always find the nicest paces...
    Have fun

  4. Lovely area of the US. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Still enjoying reading about your trip. Loved the rainbow. Hope you found a place to park for the cheese factory - I always spend too much money at those type places.

  6. Jim and Sandie...We stayed overnight at one. We are both from Ontario so we have seen the maple process since we were kids, but we sure do love maple syrup.

    catman...They actually have some RV parking on the opposite side of road, but we left Sherman parked across from the church in town and drove over in the little car. Didn't buy anything though, for some reason their prices were higher than Walmart for the cheese we wanted so we will get it at Walmart. Enjoyed the cheese tasting though.

    Donna...Thanks, we try.

    Contessa...It is a beautiful area, too bad it is fairly busy. We will have to come back sometime when it isn't high season.

    Margie and Roger...We didn't spend any money there, but sure did enjoy tasting the different cheeses, even took a small sample back to Whiskey.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  7. Yum...fresh cheese curds!!!

  8. Nice rainbow and great to have a summer rain cool things down. Tasting different cheeses is always a treat, but some can be very pricey!

  9. Trkdrivinfool...Believe it or not, they don't sell cheese curds. Apparently cheese curds aren't a big thing in New England and don't sell well, so they don't make them to sell. Too bad...we love cheese curds too!

    George and Suzie...The cheese is only pricy if you buy it and we didn't by any, had lots of tastes though.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  10. Hope you find a good spot. Still watching your trip closely as well will be in VT in just over a week.

  11. Chuck and Anneke...It will still be busy when you get here, but I am sure you will enjoy Vermont. If you like the outdoors, try not to miss Groton State Forest. Lots of hiking, biking or you can rent a kayak/canoe and enjoy the lakes.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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