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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Apple Hill Campground, Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Kevin and Ruth staying at a campground? And it’s a private campground? And at $35 a night!! What’s up with that…!!??

Well here’s the story.

We are going to hike up Mount Washington. In fact, if you are reading this Sunday morning, we’re probably already half way up the mountain.

But with Whiskey not being able to hike with us (at 15 years old, she is unfortunately beyond these kind of hikes) and the heat that has been around lately, we had no choice but to find electrical hookups for Sherman so that we could put his A/C on for Whiskey while we’re gone for a six hour or so hike. Plus, our holding tanks were getting full and our fresh water tank was getting empty…so we figured it was time for a night in a campground.

We could have done better than $35 a night, however this particular campground was also advertising a $10 a night special for just parking in their field and using their dump station. If more campgrounds charged this kind of overnight fee, we would probably use them. So we made an effort to come to this campground simply because of their $10 a night dry camping offer. So, we’re going to stay one night at $35 full hookups, and probably a second night in their field at $10. Average of $22.50 per night, and no taxes.

And, it’s a nice wooded campground, almost reminding us of a State Park type of campground. www.applehillcamping.com

We didn’t really do very much yesterday. We hopped in the little car and drove from our spot at Attitash Ski Hill up to Bethlehem, New Hampshire. We checked out this campground and decided on it. Then drove to to the cog railway and the trailhead parking lot where we will park the little car while we hike up Mount Washington. Then picked up Sherman and brought him to the campground.

A bit of a driving day, but at least most of it was in the little car.

Sorry, no pictures today but we are looking forward to reporting back to you Monday morning about our hike!


  1. I have been to Mount Washington many times but never hiked it... I'll be waiting on photos and your story about it.
    Hope you had a fun day!!!

  2. Boy are you two ambitious! We look forward to reading about your hike. I am the sure the pictures are going to be awesome!

  3. We enjoyed the cog railway 16 years ago with my twelve year old daughter and her friend, nice area. Love the idea of dry camping in a campground for only $10.00 and using their dump station, would be nice to see more campgrounds with that policy.

  4. Hope you have a great hike, I don't think it will be so hot as you get higher in altitude.Whiskey will enjoy her day in the lap of air conditioned comfort. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. I'd rather stay home with Whiskey - sounds like too much hiking for me. I'll just sit back and enjoy your photos. Hope you had a good trip up the mountain.

  6. Thanks for the great read, I have finally caught up on the last days. Great convalescing reading. Wish I was on the road sharing your adventures. Sorry about the wallet.

  7. hope to see great pics.!for sure¡be safe.

  8. It is becoming a habbit to follow you guys (good habbit).be safe out there.

  9. We checked out the Apple Hill Campground last year, but decided to stay elsewhere. The owners were nice. What we really remember was the rusty washer and dryer sitting out on the front of the restroom. NICE!

  10. It's good to "treat" yourself sometimes!

  11. Donna...We had a great day thank you. Exhausting but very rewarding.

    where's weaver...Thanks! The scenry was beautiful, the pitures just don't do it justice.

    George and Suzie...The Cog Railway is pretty neat looking and I am sure it is fun to travel on. We wish more campgrounds would have a policy like that set up, we would use them more too!

    Sam and Donna...It was a perfect day weatherwise and Whiskey was definitely nice and comfy.

    Margie and Roger...Wish you could have stayed with Whiskey too, she would have liked the company. We don't like leaving her that long by herself now that she is getting pretty old, luckily that doesn't happen very often.

    Contessa...Glad to hear you are on the mend. I will have to catch up on yours too, I haven't had internet for a few days so I am way behind on reading blogs as well.

    Anonymous...Thank you!

    jonyboytj...Glad you are enjoying our adventures.

    catman...This is definitely more of a rustic campground, not RV Resort material, but we really enjoyed our stay here. By the way the washer and 2 dryers are still sitting outside the washrooms and do look fairly wornout (not sure if they are the same ones or not) but they work great. $1 for a wash and 75 cents for a dry and the clothes were dry in one go. I normally find that dryers in campgrounds or laudromats don't work in one go, not the case here. Rob was great, always letting us know what was on in town, Sunday evenings they have concerts in the park in town. They are also very fexible and do what they can to accommodate you. The park is also well away from a busy road so it was very quiet and peaceful.

    WBY...Yes, it is nice to treat ourselves sometimes.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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