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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

North Conway, New Hampshire

Interesting day yesterday. We left the horse farm before 9:00am and headed into New Hampshire. "Live Free or Die". You gotta love New Hampshire. And, no sales tax and no income tax. Like I said, you gotta love New Hampshire!

And of course at the border, you see the state motto...

I was surprised by the French on the sign. And I don't like it. But only because Quebec does not offer the same consideration to the English language.

Coming into the town of North Conway it is nice to see the mountains.

North Conway has a lot of outlet malls and shopping because New Hampshire has no state sales tax. Or income tax. The state of New Hampshire survives on property taxes, and tourists pay a 9% tax to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants. I like New Hampshire. Oh, and I think the state has a lot fewer social programs and welfare, but I'm not positive how all that works. If anybody wants to chime in with an explanation, please do so. 

With all these shopping malls and of course a Walmart and a new Lowes store, there has to be lots of RV parking, right? Well there is, but there are also signs everywhere saying "NO OVERNIGHT PARKING". Walmart also has signs, although I think they specifically include the term no overnight camping, but I'll have to check on that.

So anyhow, we parked Sherman at the Lowes store and hopped in to the little car. We went and got gas, at $3.65 a gallon (about $0.94 per litre CAN) and then stopped at the police station to ask about the overnight parking laws. Interestingly, they tell us that the municipality does NOT have any parking restrictions that are enforced at this time of year, only during the winter. I asked about the stores and the signs there and was told that we would have to take that up with the stores themselves.

Then, we went to the ranger station for White Mountain National Forest. This forest is full of tourists, so they have a lot more rules about roadside camping than they do in some of the southwest areas of the U.S.. There is only one road in the whole park where you can camp for free, and it's 9 miles (16 kms) down a mostly single lane dirt road. They do have lots of campgrounds though....at between $16-$20 a night. Anyhow, we hop in the little car and take a ride down that road. Sure enough, it's in the middle of nowhere, and there's nobody around. Would have made a good boondocking spot for Sherman for a couple of days, but it was just too far in to make it worthwhile. We parked at the end for a few minutes and took Whiskey for a walk on a trail for 10 minutes or so.

For 9 miles (16 kms) the road was pretty much like this.

Then we turned around and went back into North Conway. Along the way, I saw a sign for the Cranmore Mountain Ski Resort, and I know that we have boondocked at closed up ski resorts during the summer. But we asked at the office, and they said sure, we could overnight there. They have a huge parking lot.

Then we went back to the Lowes store to pick up Sherman. Just for fun, I went inside and asked if we could park overnight. The manager said that he has no problem, that it was an agreement with the city that put the signs up, but that he wouldn't say no. So it turns out that overnight parking IS allowed in North Conway, but the signs are there to discourage it. Interesting.

Just after getting Sherman parked up at Cranmore Mountain, I reached into my pocket for my wallet. It was NOT there. But, there sure was a nice big hole in the bottom of my pocket!

The last time I used my wallet was to put gas in the little car. So, I left Ruth behind to make dinner, while I hopped in the little car and retraced my steps ( and our drive) since I got gas. Checked all the places we had been, except the 9 mile (16 km) drive into the bush.


So this morning, I hopped into the little car at 7:00am and took a drive all the way back up the little dirt road.

Still nothing. So I have no wallet. There wasn't any cash in it, and only a couple of credit cards and my drivers licence, so not a disaster, but still a pain in the ass. Oh well, can't do anything about it and it's nobody's fault...just one of those things. That's where I'm going to leave the story for now.

But...stay tuned for tomorrow morning's post...we have had another interesting day so far today!


  1. Yep, it's not always a big deal losing wallets when there is no cash, but what a pain replacing the id's...hope it turns up!

  2. Sure hope you got that hole sewed up. Losing a wallet is a big pain in the rear. Looking forward to the "rest of the story."

  3. I quit carrying a wallet years ago, I have one with all the extra stuff in but leave it in the car, or camper and carry ID and a couple C. cards wrapped in some cash in front pant pocket. I do misplace wallet at times but it always shows up when I remember where I left it.
    Love the White mountain area.

  4. Hope the wallet turns up,I lost one about 5 years ago and about a year later a young couple came into the office at the Lake and turned it in, they found it on the edge of the campsite, where I evidently lost it a year earlier, The money credit cards, even pictures were intact, although I had cancelled and replaced the cards,The wallet had been under the edge of a deadfall log where it had been protected from the water and snow. I seem to remember collecting deadfall logs for a fire so that explains when I lost it. Who knows yours may be found yet. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. It is the bother you have to pt up with losing a wallet or a purse. Stop cards, get new ones and drivers liscense... Sorry you lost it! I love North Conway!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. I can tell there is more to this story. Can't wait.

  7. About 15 years ago, I misplaced a wallet with $2000 in it.(right at Christmas time) Since that day, I use a trucker/biker wallet with a leash attached to it. I haven't even come close to loosing it.

  8. Gah! I lost my wallet once back in about 1977, and that was enough of a pain the rear that I've managed to hold onto that sucker ever since. Plus, if I lost it here, I'm not sure where I'd begin. Austrian driver's license? Residence permit? Even getting a new visa card would be a nuisance. Hope it turns up. Probably at the gas station, and I bet someone grabbed it. That would be my guess. Good luck.

  9. it is a bit of a bother that is for sure..hope it shows up eventually..our daughter lost her wallet about a year ago..she was more angry that she lost the actual wallet!..never mind the cards and driver's license.

  10. Lost my passport in Mexico in 1989. Lots of travelling to get a new "temporary" one issued. Wallet losing sucks alot too.
    Oh well. I'm sure it will be fine.

  11. Hope that wallet turns up, it is such a pain to replace the cards and driver's license.

  12. Geoff, Fran and MolsonJuly 20, 2011 at 11:18 PM

    Without getting into a lot of detail, when we lefturiur home in Grafton, NH our house, recently appraised for $400,000 had property taxes of just under $10,000!! That's why no sales or income tax!
    For our ten grand we had only a very poor and SLOW volunteer fire and ambulance, no local schools and nearest large grocery store was 40 mins away! Yup... Live free or die. We chose to sell it all and full time in the motorhome spending the first three months of full timing on our beloved Prince Edward Island where we met our good friends Kevin and Ruth (and Whiskey too!)

  13. Kimberly and Jerry...That's the way we are looking at it.

    Jim and Sandie...It's not sewn up yet, but it will be.

    Mickey...First time Kevin has ever lost his wallet since I've known him and that's been 28 years, so I guess he has done pretty well. Luckily he doesn't keep his money in it.

    Sam and Donna...That's what we figure will happen. Months or years from now someone will find it.

    Donna...Luckily I have different cards so we are not up a creek or anything. Just a pain!

    Kenny and Angela...You'll soon see.

    Michael...Ouch, that would have hurt. Someties when you lose something it makes you look at what you can do differently to stop it from happening again. Glad you found a solution that works for you. We rarely carrying much cash with us, usually only what we need for the day and any other money is usually stashed away and that is never very much.

    Bob...I doubt that it was at the gas station as he paid right at the pump, not inside. I can see things being harder when you are abroad.

    Sue and Doug...I think that would be me (Ruth), I usually beat myself up for losing something. We will give the Forest Ranger Station another try today as they weren't open when Kevin checked the other day.

    WBY...That would be a pain.

    Janie and John...It is a pain but what can you do?

    Geoff and Fran...Yep, that's what Kevin said, they get it from the property tax. That is quite a bit of tax, but for other places the income tax could be a lot. There is never going to be a perfect solution. Glad you sold the house and got out on the road. Lots more to see this way and more people to meet. It was great meeting you guys and Molson!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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