Polar bear at the Toronto Zoo, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Plattsburgh, New York

We left Burlington, VT around 10:30am and headed for Plattsburgh, N.Y. It's only 35 miles  (56 kms) but there's a ferrry ride across Lake Champlain and the roads are all secondary so the trip took almost two hours.

It cost $21.40 to put Sherman on the ferry, and another $9.80 for the little car. A bit pricey, but cheaper than driving around. They had three ferries running, and they were all full. We were lucky to get on the first boat but there wouldn't have been much of a wait for another one.

Ferry between Vermont and New York

Whiskey, enjoying the ferry ride

First thing we did in Plattsburgh was to try to get propane. We're not really low, but it's cheaper here than in Canada. Plus, I can't fill up our propane in Ontario and we'll be there for just over a month. That province has the most strict propane laws in all of North America and our tank needs to be inspected before they'll fill it. I refuse to pay for the inspection, so I can't fill up there. Anyhow, the propane place here in Plattsburgh that we've been to before was temporarily closed due to a malfunction in their fill hose, so they directed us to another place which is where we are headed first thing this morning.

Then, we went to Walmart to stock up on a few things because we are heading in to expensive, heavily taxed Canada.

Later in the afternoon it started to rain. We had originally planned on doing some more driving yesterday, but we decided to stay in Plattsburgh. I don't like driving in the rain, and it was getting late anyhow. The Walmart parking lot was super busy, and there were at least 20 RV's of all shapes and sizes already parked there. Again, there are a lot of "no overnight parking" and "no camping" signs up, but I don't think they're enforced. We knew of a parking lot at a medical building where we could overnight, so we headed over there. Overnighting at a Walmart can be convenient sometimes, but we've learned that there's usually a better option.

So we're headed off to get propane, and then we've got a long driving day ahead because we want to be in Ottawa this afternoon, and Ruth's Dad's this evening. So about 180 miles (288 kms) to go!

Yesterday's drive, 35 miles (56 kms)


  1. I take it you found no carseats.
    Say hi to Grandpa for us :)

  2. Wow sorry we missed you. I had just stopped by your blog for the first time this morning. (Just before your post) As soon as I saw the picture of the lake I knew where you were. Welcome to our neighborhood. We live 20 minutes west of Plattsburgh. I wish I had stopped by yesterday so I could have offered you a place to boondock w/ 50amp and wifi. We would have loved to play host to both you and whiskey. We have just purchased our motorhome and in 1 yr will be fulltiming it. Enjoy your travels in Canada and if you should be in the neighborhood again let us know, my husband would love to hear about your travels in Mexico.

  3. Again a nice day for you guys, and like we do stock up with as much as possible before returning to expensive Canada!

  4. We have been planning on going around, but we will look at the ferries now-thanks for the ride.

  5. Loved the picture of Whiskey sitting so cute on the couch... Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Looks like Whiskey is enjoying the ferry ride, headed back to Canada, don't forget to take the limit home on beer. Tell them Whiskey likes a few in the evening too.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your visit to the North East. Drive safe getting to Ottawa. I like your 35 and 40 miles per day better than 180.

  8. That picture of Whiskey is so cute!

  9. Good luck crossing at the border. Might be a tad busy with the long weekend.

  10. nice that Whiskey enjoyed his 'cruise'!..
    have a safe journey!!..and enjoy our 'taxed country!'

  11. Lindsey...No, unfortunately we couldn't find one. I am not sure how many stores we tried. Sorry!

    JUDYnEd...Sorry we missed you too! It would have been nice to have met you. We didn't see the comment until we got across the bridge in Cornwall, Ontario. If we are ever in that area again we will definitely keep you in mind. Congratulations on the purchase of the motorhome and look forward to hearing about your fulltiming adventure in a year or so.

    George and Suzie...You should know us by now George, we would never miss an opportunity to get everything we need at a cheaper price.

    Chuck and Anneke...Not sure if all the ferries charge the same. We used the ferry crossing that arrived into Plattsburg, there is another one that is further south and arrives right in Burlington. Also our pricing was based on a 27-35' length.


    Sam and Donna...Kevin took more than his limit on beer, and they didn't charge us any extra for it. We were prepared to pay any taxes on it at the border because even with the extra it would still have been cheaper than at the beer store.

    Jim and Sandie...Glad you enjoyed our travels east. Stay tuned for our one down south in September. We like the shorter travels days as well.

    catman...Thank you.

    contessa...Absolutely no problem crossing at the border we were both through in less than 5 minutes. All the traffic was going into the States, we were able to drive straight up to customs, no line up at all.

    Sue and Doug...Whiskey loves her drives. It will be nice to visit with family and friends.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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