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Monday, July 11, 2011

Alma, New Brunswick (day 2)

Had a beautiful day yesterday, with clear blue skies and temperature about 25C (77F). Went for a 7.5 km (4.7 mile) hike in the morning, and then another walk around the third National park campground in the afternoon.

Nice scenery in Fundy National Park...

And, we met another one of our blog readers!

So we're walking back to Sherman later in the day. Crossing the street near the lobster shop, we see an RV heading our way, and the driver is yelling and waving at us. He stops and we walk over, and he says "I know you guys!".  Turns out he's been reading this blog every day for a year and a half or so!

He suggested we sit and have a beer together. Unlikely that I would turn down an offer of a beer, so I said "why not?" and they pulled their rig over into the parking lot where we set out the lawn chairs and had a drink and a chat for an hour or so.

Susan and Reiner

Reiner, his wife Susan, and Rocco the bulldog are from Calgary, Alberta and have driven their class C motorhome, towing a motorcycle trailer to explore the Maritime provinces on an extended vacation. They were hoping to bump into us in Nova Scotia, but when they read we were leaving early they thought they might miss us. However they took the American route heading into New Brunswick, so they knew they would likely see us while we were parked in Alma.

We love meeting our readers! It's kinda strange though, makes us feel like we're world famous or something. Well, we have readers from all over the world, so maybe we are world famous! Anyhow, thanks for making the effort to flag us down Reiner, we enjoyed meeting you and Susan!

In the evening, we watched a few reruns of Hogan's Heroes, then went to bed. We got up early this morning and have already driven a couple of hours and hope to cross into Maine this afternoon. It will feel good to get back in the USA!


  1. "In the evening, we watched a few reruns of Hogan's Heroes, then went to bed. We got up early this morning and have already driven a couple of hours and hope to cross into Maine this afternoon. It will feel good to get back in the USA!"

    You got a laugh out of me with the above quote, You sound like Americans!
    Looking forward to your Maine entry.

  2. it is great to meet a fellow blogger or a reader of a blog..like meeting an old friend!!

  3. We also so look forward to having bloggers stop even if just for the night or meeting them when we are traveling. Hope you guys can stop for a couple day when you head south, it is a straight shot south down I-55 from here. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Welcome back!! I so enjoy all of your excursions. Looking forward to the pictures. Will post pictures when we get started. We bought the vinyl tiles today, but it is much too hot to do any serious work on ripping the carpet up. 110* heat index today. Stay safe.

  5. Welcome back.... Boy you had some major adventures. We had lost our inet for almost 2 months and thank goodness we have it back. And now I can follow you guys again - yips...

    Evielynne and her 3 Blogs




  6. Yes always nice to meet up with your readers and connect in person, we have done that occasionally ourselves. And back into the USA where life is more affordable is always a nice feeling. Enjoy your travels.

  7. Mickey...It does feel good to be in the States again. Things by our standards are much less expensive than in Canada. Looking forward to showing everyone the sights of Maine, hope we do it justice.

    Sue and Doug...We agree.

    Sam and Donna...We are hoping to stop in for a visit on our way south. Thanks for the invite.

    Kenny and Angela...Thank you!

    pidge...Thanks, look forward to posting about them. We will keep an eye on your floor progress.

    Eyielynne...That sucks that you lost your internet for 2 months, glad you have it back. Hope you enjoyed our travels.

    George and Suzie...Love meeting new people, especially those who read our blog and bloggers who we read. Yep, did some shopping for groceries yesterday and felt like we won a lottery with our savings.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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