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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nk'Mip RV Park (day 5)

Thursday November 22...11:00pm

Didn't do too much today. Kind of a lazy day, actually. Took the dash apart a bit and fixed a speaker wire that was bothering us, and a heater cable that wasn't working properly. Emptied the holding tanks and refilled the fresh water tank. We don't
hook up to the full sewer and water. There's no point really, unless you're staying at the same spot months at a time. Many RV parks have water pressure that is too high for your in coach water lines so you're not supposed to hook up to them unless you have your own pressure regulator...which we don't have yet. They aren't expensive...we just haven't seen the need to pick one up yet.

It's interesting walking around the park and seeing the other RV's that people have. And there's a whole range of them. The majority are much bigger than our 27 ft model. Most are 34-40ft, and many of those are 5th wheel models, although there are a lot of motorhomes as well. And then there's the guy with the old beat up Chevy truck and his 1980's style 20 ft travel trailer. And everything in between. But Sherman does us just fine. Haven't seen the need for anything bigger, that's for sure.

We see Ottawa had it's first big snowstorm of the season. We are now thinking that -7 and sunny is not so bad afterall!

One more day here and then we head for Hope B.C. along the number 3 highway through Princeton. Will have to check the driveBC website to make sure the weather going through Allison Pass is not too bad. They went to -13 there last night, and there are slippery sections to watch for. Will spend a few days in Hope area...there's lots of nice hiking around there. We're getting a little tired of walking the same spots here at the RV Park. Although it's been nice, a week in one spot is about enough for us. Looking forward to getting on the road again.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 39...

November Fuel $ 559.84

November Grocery $ 265.17

November Overnight Costs $ 247.38

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